What to do? Need help here! :O)

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  1. What to do? What to do? :confused1:

    I have decided to finally get my first Chloé:yahoo: and I have decided for the paddy, but not the color. As things are now I’m between the Metallic Gold and the Canelle, but I just can not decide on one!!

    The Metallic Gold I :heart: from the moment I saw it , and it is the one I really want, but something tells me I will not be able to use it as much because of the color and that’s a shame.
    Plus it is going to be really expensive because of the color + I live in Denmark, so there is going to be a high import-tax, custom fees and expensive shipping. I just do not know if it is going to be worth all that? For a used It will cost 1441$ + over 25 % import taxes, fees ect.
    Could I get away with using is as an everyday bag or is it more for a night out?

    Canelle I really like, it looks lighter than tan and more like a color I could use regular. It is not as expensive as the metallic gold + I don’t really have any bags that are not black or brown. My head says it is the best choice, but what if I get it and still want the metallic gold just as much?

    OR should I get another color? I’m sooo confused but I guess in a good way:graucho:
  2. hmmmm, i would go w/ a canelle first... and then decide if you want the gold. I prefer the bling bling paddys (bright silver and gold) in the baby version.. that way the metallic doesn't look so night-life ish. The anthracite paddy, which is a dark metallic is perfect in the medium satchel as well as the baby satchel.

    Oh BTW, it's hard to stop at one paddy! :p
  3. I think you should always buy what you really love, first, as you will always regret it if you don't.

    Personally, I think you can definitely use metallic bags during the day and surprisingly, gold and silver are actually quite neutral colours. :biggrin:

    The gold would look particularly great with red, purple, blue, or green; as well as neutrals like grey, brown, sand and black or white - so it's pretty versatile and compared to all the mirrored bags, that are around at the moment, it will look positively dowdy! :lol:
  4. Thank you!

    I really can´t decide :sad:

    I was hoping I could get away with the gold, and yes maybe it is quite neutral hehe...
  5. If you buy from anywhere else within Europe, you are not liable for any customs fees. Plenty around here for you to look at lol :biggrin:
  6. Gold and silver are neutrals to me. They really do go with everything. It all depends if you are a person that likes to be blatantly in-your-face with fashion or if you prefer to be subtle. I am an over the top person and I get away with it. You can too if you like! (And I think you do!!!!)