What to do. My new bag is breaking!!!!

  1. I bought a red gaucho last month at Saks. I have had it for about three weeks. It was a graduation presant from my father. BUt one of the pieces of metal that holds on the stap has broken. There are two, but i dare not use it in case the entire strap breaks of. This should not be happening to a brand new bag. I am extremely upset. My father is furious. Since he bought it for me and he expects that fro the money he paid for it, it should be in perfect condition. What can i do? Should i call Saks, or a Dior boutique? I want my bag fixed. I am in love with it. Please help me.
  2. Yes, of course! you should call them and ask them to get your bag repaired immediately. I know that all dior bags have 1 year warranty..but i think its two year warranty for leather bags( correct me if im wrong), so they shouldnt charge you for the repair cost:smile:
  3. wahhhh ... what a terrible news!!!! i just bought a dior flap bag yesterday!!! dior bag broke so easily???? :oh:
  4. Absolutely call Saks or go down there with your bag and receipt.

    I am sure they will help you.
  5. I would go to Saks to and bring your receipt. A bag that expensive should not be falling apart! I've even stuffed a laptop into my gaucho and it held up fine.
  6. A red gaucho, ooh. I don't think I've seen one before...Pls post pics of it after the repair work, I hope it's as good as new when they're done with it. :love:
  7. Oops, never mind, you mean the burgandy gaucho. Sorry! I have seen it, I thought there was a new red shade. :shame:
  8. I am heading to Saks today. Wish me luck
  9. Best of luck dear!! *hug*
  10. how did it go twilight? i hope everything will get sorted and you will be able to enjoy your red gaucho! :sweatdrop:
  11. oh me too :sad: esp since i have a red gaucho too.
    i guess i should break it out and use it just in case
  12. Any updates? Let us know! :smile:
  13. oh my...that happened to my yellow gaucho! i bought it from the Dior Boutique in HongKong then when i came back to Manila...I used it once only. Then after storing it for a few days..i took it out to use again then VOILA! One button fell off...so automatically, the other one also fell off and the straps got unattached. it really was a bad thing coz i loved the bag so much!

    i had DH bring it back to the store when he flew to HK for business...and I constructed a letter of complaint and attached the receipt and even a photocopy of my passport..as well as an authorization letter for my DH....who brought the bag there. Yes, they accepted the return..and the prob was there was no more stock for the yellow! I then ended up getting it replaced with a Dior Cannage...whew at least right?!

    it also makes me wonder why it got broken so easily! and to think, I love Dior so much...
  14. They took my bag with no complaints and many appologies. But they did not know how long it would take to be repaired. So im waiting and hoping to get my bag back soon. sigh
  15. I would go and return it.