What to do?? Mulberry Roxanne

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new here. Need help from fellow bag lovers....

    I purchased a Mulberry Roxanne at a really good price on sale - $850 (Orig Price - $1195). But it turns out to be a lot heavier than expected, and I know I won't be using it often because of its weight.

    I feel like I should return it because afterall it's $850, but the other side of me says.... i'm getting a $350 discount!!!!!!!

    What to do???? :hrmm:
  2. Return it. If you're not happy it doesn't matter that it was discounted, you won't use it. Take it from someone who has a wardrobe full of 'well it was in the sale'. I had to return a pair of half price Chloe shoes last week because I didn't like how they looked on my feet *cries*
  3. send it back. You won't carry it if it's too heavy, especially if it's too heavy before you even fill it w/ your stuff!
  4. Agree with the others. Send it back. You'll probably never use it and could use that money towards something you will use.
  5. Definitely agree with the other folks. Send it back and put the $850 to savings--or to a bag you will adore!
    I purchased the Roxanne a few months ago myself and ended up sending it back because it just wasn't my style. I loved it online but not in real life. So I can relate!
  6. You have to decide if you really really love and plan on using it. I have a roxanne and I love it! But I'm in the same boat ... I just bought Bbag courier and am still debating whether I want it. It was on sale for $889 marked down from $1295. Do I keep it because it's a good deal or do I return it because it's too big? Decisions, decisions:Push:
  7. I'm a Roxanne lover - mine fits on my shoulder so weight is not a problem & I love the way it looks - but I can understand your concern - I have a bag I never use, I waited too long and now I can't return it. Strike while the iron is hot.
  8. Send it back. I too have a Roxanne that I find very heavy.Thats a nice amount of money you can put towards a bag you will love and use!
  9. If you're not completely happy with it, don't keep it. The discount isn't worth it.
  10. Yup, the roxanne is heavy, I though so too, esp after my B city! I still love my apple green roxanne though.
    $350 discount is a great deal but not if your not going to use it! Then youve just lost $850 not saving $350!
  11. Thanks, girls!!!!! I guess I will send it back!!! :amazed:

    I really love how the bag looks and everything, but realistically I know I won't be using it much since I'm rather petite and I tend to stuff my bags and it will end up being way too heavy for me.


    Thank you sooo much for your advice!!! :yes:
  12. isuser,

    Just a suggestion if you love how the bag looks - how about the Mulberry Rosemary. It's a smaller version of the Roxanne and I have read several peoples comments here that own it saying that it is suprisingly light. Having picked it up instore I kinda agree though I haven't got one myself so haven't actually carried it for extended periods of time. It's still a reasonable size - not really titchy.

    Of course I don't know if you'll be able to get the same kind of discount! They should be on the Mulberry website if you want to see how they look.