What to do? MAM in Tangerine or Emerald

Jan 21, 2007
Home of the Alamo
I just ordered a Kiss and Makeup bag in Tangerine, and would like to buy a MAM in Tangerine, but am torn with finding an Emerald green. I love Green, but am not sure which is the wiser buy. Please help me with your opinions. Thanks. Oh, by the way, should I buy a MAB instead of a MAM? Does anyway have the small Sasha duffle, and know which bag would be comparable in size to that bag? Thanks again.:confused1:
Jan 27, 2008
The 206!
I would choose the Emerald MAB. I like bigger bags, thus I like the MAB better than the MAM. I also personally think a medium green is more wearable all year round, but thats IMO. GL deciding!!


Jun 12, 2007
Washington, DC
I have a MAM in Emerald and I love it so much! I'm 5'3", so the MAM looked better on me. While I LOVE the Tangerine, I feel like Emerald goes with more of my outfits. If I had an endless pot of money, I'd get both!


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
The emerald is coming back in fall! So it shouldn't be AS hard as it is to find as of right now!

The emerald is like my HG right now. I already have the tangerine, but i don't think i could live without both. Since you bought the tangerine Kiss and Makeup, i think you should buy the tangerine MAM, and then get an Emerald Nikki or something...


Aug 15, 2006
I agree with Desi's suggestion -- get the Tangerine now and you can always pick up an Emerald MAM (or perhaps an Emerald Nikki or Ollie?!?) in the Fall! I have the Tangerine MAM and I absolutely ADORE it!


Jan 31, 2008
red dot.
Go green! :yes: if you wear alot of brighter outfits.
Tangerine is great if you wear alot of neutrals, provides a nice pop of colour.
Maybe you should order two bags then contemplate.

Not sure about the Botkier size comparison, yes that pretty pink sasha is another great bag too. You've got gd bag taste.