What to do? Mahina XL vs. XS

  1. I'm currently WL for the Mahina XS in silver, which gives me more time to save until May (tentative release date) but I have never seen pics of this bag and have only seen the speculative dimensions, which would make it slightly bigger (longer) than the neo cabby MM. However, I have no idea if it's proportional or not. Now, on a whim, I called 1-866 last night and there are a few black Mahina XLs left in Canada, but not many! I am torn because the XL is probably my dream bag but it's in another province so I may have to try to get a transfer to my store (not sure how that works - may call my SA today), yet it is also extremely pricey. EXTREMELY for me so I'm not sure if I can justify it. I am 5'6" so I'm pretty sure the XL won't be huge on me and I'm worried the XS will be too small for the effect I want, but the XS will be cheaper and I have more time to save for it. What to do? I don't have much time!
  2. xl for me

    the xs one is like a fendi'spy bag
  3. I say get the XL. The price of the XS is 2700 + Tax while the price of the XL is 3100. For 400 more, you get so much more of a bag. Plus I saw the product sheet for the XS and IMO I don't think it justifies a price of 2700. Good Luck with your decision!!!
  4. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: I'm sure you are right! I don't like the Spy! AHH you are all enablers!!!
  5. I think you should get the XL size especially since it's your dream bag. If you get the XS you'll always be thinking that you could have applied the money you spent on the XS towards the one that you really wanted. Don't settle for less than what you really want. At your perfect height, the XL size will look awesome on you!! Good luck with your decision!!
  6. I'm shorter than you and my XL is not that big on me at all! I say go for the XL!
  7. GAH! I just called my boutique to see if they can do a transfer! They don't have confirmation yet that the bag is actually available or in perfect condition. I'm waiting to find out... I am hyperventilating...
  8. You are so right. I'm just not sure if my bank account can justify. :graucho:
  9. XL!! I am 5 feet and love it!!! Seems to be a better value than the XS.
  10. Yes I am starting to agree. I thought the XS was going to be $2200, not $2700. Then again I am in Canada where everything is overpriced anyway. The XL is $2970 here pre-tax. It's a great value for an awesome bag, but is it great value in general? :sweatdrop: Oh well, I am still waiting to hear back from my boutique.
  11. I was actually in LV today trying on the black leather XL... gosh it is a gorgeous bag!! if you are 5'6" then I def think XL... XS might be too small for you (I am only 5'3" and the XL looked good on me).... hope you find it!! good luck!
  12. Great value? Hmmm...but if you think of the price of Monogram/Damier/Multicolor Bags that are made of Canvas and then look at the GORGEOUS Mahina leather, plus the fact that the leather is preforated then I guess in comparison the Mahina XL is the better deal. I love love love my Mahina and think she is worth the one-year ban I am on. In fact, no other bags are calling me since I bought her because she is just amazing. Hope you can get her!!
  13. Thanks Riley! I agree with you. I hope nobody shoots me but I have pretty much decided not to buy anymore canvas LV bags (although I love the Trevi), might as well go for leather all the way! I will have to be on a ban for a while if I get this bag too. I love it on you!
  14. I was stuck in the same situation. I'm also 5'6" and purchased the Mahina XL in Noir. After I brought the bag home, I wasn't too in love with it. I think it was more of a chase for me.

    There was too much extra material and it was difficult for me to find my keys in the bag. Don't count me wrong, the bag and especially the leather is lovely, but it just wasn't for me. I'm really hoping the XS won't be too small because if it is, I'll have to kick myself in the head for giving up on the XL.

    Good luck with your decision...
  15. Get the XL for sure!!! Definitely more bang for your buck! lol...