What to do? Keychain stones missing...

  1. I recently bought a keychain at a Coach outlet. It says Coach in seperate letters with rhinestone or whatever gems in the letters. I just was looking at it and realized there are a couple of the stones missing from one of the letters.

    What could I do about a repair? Is there anywhere i could send it (Coach) or anyway I can get the stones and do it myself? Or just suck it up because there's nothing I can do about it and buy new one. I still have the reciept.

    Has this happened to anyone before?

    Here's the one I have...


  2. That is so cute ! That sucks when it happens. I have replaced costume jewlery with similar stones and jewelry glue but If they have more, I would get a replacement.
  3. I read somewhere on here awhile back that someone bought one and a stone or two fell out before she got it home, she returned it.
  4. yep...that was me.

    i paid nearly $40 for that key chain and was NOT going to keep it while it was falling apart.

    when I returned it the SA said that this was a common issue with that keychain and ALOT of people return it for that reason.

    so yeah...return it.
  5. next time you buy a keychain like that with stones, put some clear nailpolish to help seal them in...that's what i did and my key chain has lasted a good 3 years now.
  6. return it/exchange it. If stones are already falling out, more will continue to fall out as time goes by.
  7. I had that exact keychain and I returned it to macys the sones fell out the second day I had it. also there is another keychain with hearts I just noticed its missing stones too so is my daughters stars cell phone charm. I guess I just won't buy the smaller stone ones again I have the large coach losenge with bigger stones and its perfect
    also my cell phone starfish hasn't had any problems
  8. Thanks. Do I have to return it to the outlet? Or can i return it to the Coach botique?
  9. If you have your receipt you can return it to a Coach boutique but you will only get store credit. If you think that you will buy something there, that shouldn't be a problem. The SA's in my Coach store have warned me in the past about keyfobs that have stones. Apparently this is an ongoing problem. You would think Coach would find a solution to this problem or stop making products with glued on stones.
  10. Oh ok thanks. That's great to know. Because the outlet I bought it from is like 3 hours away! Yay! I'd probably buy something else.
  11. I used to have that one!! I bought it whenver it was out in the boutiques. It was a while before some of the stones came out of mine so I just chalked it up to daily use and being tossed around. I think I ended up losing a letter too....the O I think.
  12. I've only had it for like 2 months... And I try to treat it good... LOL

    Yeah so I will probably just get something else next time I go to the store.