what to do? it's been 20 days

  1. I won an auction on a bag 20 days ago, paid like 3 or 4 days after I won (was having some $ issues), but the seller said I had 7 days so I was well within limits. Fast forward, 17 days later I have not received my item. I asked the seller about it this monday and she said she was terribly sorry, she had an issue basically, and would send it out and I should get it in 2-3 days.

    I sent her an email yesterday because I STILL haven't gotten it. No response. It's now been 5 days since she said she was to send it out. Other people have been getting their things (9 other people) in this time, and since I won the item so her excuse (moving, was not able to ship things) doesn't exactly work out.

    When should I file the "not received"? I have never had to do this before

    what a mess.:cursing:
  2. If you paid via Paypal, I'd start a DNR dispute. You need to protect yourself and 20 days seems excessive to me. She should be communicating with you
    about the status of your item.

    Good luck!
  3. ^ ^ I agree. I wouldn't wait much longer since there is a time limit for filing disputes. Even if she has had some issues, I think you've waited long enough. Maybe a DNR will put a fire under her butt!
  4. thanks everyone! I sent her an email today saying that I was going to file a dispute later today, and I received an email about it shipping. I KNEW she didn't ship it monday. Hopefully it will get here by tuesday and there is no problem with the bag..
  5. Thats way too long to wait.
    Even though ppl have lives, she could of contact you or refundd your money.
    Those days would of pist me off !
  6. This happened to me once... I waited 30 day and was being told it was in the mail... the seller even printed a label to give me the tracking, but she never actually sent it... it turned out that she was selling fakes... she sold the bag to me and then had to find the bag... it took her 30 days to get it from china... i got the bag and went through the roof... but by this time i had already filed a disputed as item not received... i also filed a chargeback with my credit card company...

    Something definitely is not right with this person...

    you only have 45 days to file a DNR dispute... so even if she says she is sending it... I would file anyways...

    good luck!!!
  7. I had this happen to me once. The seller told me it was in the mail, but it would take a while to get to me, since she was in Hawaii and I'm in Ohio.

    Well I wait and wait, nothing. I sent her email after email and nothing. I started sending emails to her asking about the shipping status at about 2 weeks, that's when she told me the shipping story from above. After that contact I NEVER heard from her again.

    I was on about day 30 when I filed a dispute with eBay and Paypal. I still heard nothing out of her. After about 5 days of sending her stuff through the dispute on eBay and paypal I ended the seller/buyer communication and put it in the hands of paypal to research.

    Finally when my dispute was 3 days away from being decided in MY favor I get the bag in the mail.

    She was trying to scam me, she was trying to keep my $$$$ and the bag.

    When I got the bag in the mail the post mark was 3 days prior to the arrival date. I won the bag on 6-20, she shipped it on 8-7 and I got it on 8-10 and on 8-13 Paypal would have refunded my $$$$. She claimed orginally at the 2 week mark when I emailed her that it could take up to 3 weeks for the bag to get to me. But magically it arrived in 3 days, ONCE SHE ACTUALLY SENT IT!!!

    So I got the seller REDHANDED!!! I honestly think she was hoping it would go away, that I wouldn't file a dispute, that she had my money and the bag. But once she realized that she had less than a week to get the bag in my hands, she lit a fire under her ass and got the bag to me.

    On a side note I left her a neutral feedback because I finally had the bag and was happy, well 2 weeks later she leaves ME A NEGATIVE!!! She claims that I was a "bad buyer and had bad communication skills." She was pissed that I cought onto her "wonderful scam" I was furious and sent her a withdraw notice and several heated emails. Well she never withdrew her negative so I'm stuck with it. But when I left additional feedback for her, another person had left her negative feedback about her doing the same thing. Since then she has withdrawn from eBay, I hate SH*TTY people on ebay, the screw it up for everyone else and it could be such a nice thing!!!!

    I hope it works out for you and you get your bag in wonderful condition. Make sure you file a claim with both ebay and paypal, just to cover yourself. And GOOD LUCK!!!
  8. Keep us updated!!!!!
  9. There is no reason why it should take this long to receive your purchase. I hope that you get it soon. Good luck!
  10. Definitely file a dispute with PayPal. You only have 45 days from the date of purchase to file...the clock is ticking, so I'd do it right away. The seller will have to provide proof that the item was delivered, which obviously it wasn't, so you will win the dispute. PayPal will most likely freeze her account for the amount you paid, including shipping, until the issue is resolved. PayPal will tell you that it takes up to 30 days to resolve, but in cases of DNR, they usually move much quicker. The problem you could run into though is if the seller withdrew all of the funds from her PayPal account. But if her account is negative, whatever money comes in will be frozen for the dispute amount.
  11. If the seller does not respond at all to a dispute (not receiving item), does the buyer automatically win?
  12. I do not think you should wait...
  13. Yes, and if the seller cannot provide proof that the item was delivered the buyer automatically wins too.
  14. Yes, definitely file it now!! I had a buyer who purchased a pair of shoes (cheap) from me and gave me excuses for why they couldn't pay. I filed an NPB alert and just was able to close the claim a couple of days ago since the buyer never responded. Now I have another one open (for ANOTHER pair of shoes!) and the buyer hasn't responded...3 more days and I get to close it.
    But yeah that's way too long to wait, even if she provides a fake tracking number, that's no guarantee that she'll win the claim. I had a seller do that to me once and I won that claim as well.