What to do? Inherited lighter...

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  1. I recently received a lighter that used to belong to my great uncle who gave it to my dad long long ago (both have since passed away)

    I didn't receive anything but the lighter - no authentication card, box, etc. I want to spiff up the lighter and have it polished, flint changed/checked, etc.

    Is it possible to take this into a Cartier store to have them service it even if I don't have the authentication card? Is it even possible to have them service something that old (at least 20 years old)
  2. I would just bring it in. The company has been around a very long time. I'm sure people bring in vintage stuff all of time! I wouldn't ask if it's authentic because I know they don't authenticate but I would definitely at least try to bring it in.
  3. Thanks! I'm going to have them look at it I guess the worst they can say is no then I'll take it to a jewelers.

  4. Yes, for sure. You don't need a receipt to get it serviced. Good luck and if you can post and pre and post pix. I'm curious if they Wld Polish and do other maintenance.... Thanks!