What To Do In This Situation?

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  1. I have just purchased this item # 331177631104 on e-bay and AFTER I paid (stupidly!), I did a little research (just by copying and pasting the title of the auction) and what I found out seemed suspicious to me. The seller has sold the same exact bag (same pictures) 3 more times and is also listing the same item (same id as well) on poshmark.com on this link https://poshmark.com/listing/Authentic-Gucci-Sukey-Boston-Bag-Used-once-534d6b3a32fe1460d72d1fbd .

    It just seems really odd to me and I don't want to jump a gun just yet... but I was wondering if I need to file a case (in order to get money back in case of a fraud) , which way should I go? E-bay or paypal - in this particular case?
  2. Neither of the other two sales left feedback so it's possible they were non-payers. And she might also sell on two sites, intending to end the PM listing now that the bag sold on ebay.

    Do you use the same ID on PM? If not, can you email her on PM and ask whether the bag is still available?

    As for authenticity, did you post on AT Gucci to check on whether it's authentic?
  3. Thank you, for the quick reply. The bag is authentic (based on the pictures.) And the seller does seem to leave a feedback to non-paying bidders - she did it once for the same bag back in March 4th. So if there were 2-3 more non-payers, the seller could leave another "non paying buyer" type of a feedback.

    So far I am just assuming what might happen but after what I have found out in a simple search, I have a rather uncomfortable feeling and nervousness that cause me being proactive. Paradoxically, too late in this sense.
  4. I think you are really jumping the gun on worrying about this. It's not weird at all that it's listed on multiple sites. At least one of the previous sales was a non-payer. If the seller doesn't ship you the bag or if s/he sends you something other than what was pictured or if it was in bad condition then you can worry about filing a dispute.
  5. Yes, I recognize that and I said that myself that I might be jumping the gun... but I have never been in this situation so I was just wondering what one might have to do if... I hope I will not find out though. Just the whole auction and what I have found out after it made me feel trepidation and discomfort. Thanks for the replies.
  6. OK. Here's what you do:

    Give your seller adequate time to ship. When you receive the item inspect it carefully and have it authenticated if you have any doubts. If you have issues with the bag then you contact the seller and give them time to respond. If the seller is uncooperative then and only then should you should open an eBay dispute.
  7. Thank you, I understand the steps. I was more asking which is more suitable for this kind of case: (or similar ones) ebay or paypal as far as disputes?
  8. I'd say PayPal if the item never arrives and eBay if it's not as described. Either one should get you your money back, though.

  9. Thank you. Hope I will never have to find out but it is good to know.