What to do in Seattle?

  1. Hey girls! I'm going to seattle for 10 days in august. Ive been there several times before to see family, but I wanted to see if you all had any recomendations of what I should do/where I should shop, etc...What are some fun things to do? Where is good shopping? Any special restaraunts you would like to recommend? anything....thanks for your help!
  2. I am not from there but hoping to get back for longer than lunch. :smile: I would recommend a day trip to Mt. Rainier. It is stupid beautiful up there and you can hike up a nice distance with normal hiking shoes. The last time I was there for any extended period of time it was in August and the weather was perfect!!

    Other than that I am no help. :nogood:
  3. Pike's market is great. Shopping just about everywhere, especially downtown. The art museum is nice. Bainbridge Island or bremerton island are very nice and a good day trip.

    Here is the tourism website.

  4. When are you here in Aug? Seafair is coming up, I think the weekend of 8/3-8/5 is the hydroplace race and also the airshow. The Blue Angels are not too miss!

    Besides shopping, you can also tour the Chateau St. Michele, the Rainier Brewery, maybe catch an M's game. Don't forget to visit the top of the Space Needle and EMP (it's right next door).
  5. I would recommend doing the underground tour. We did it back in 2000 and it was really neat!
  6. we did Pike's and Bainbridge Island last time, very good places to visit:yes:
  7. oooohhh thanks girls! i will definitly look into all of your great ideas!