What to do in PHX (besides shop!)?

  1. It will be me and my 9 year old son and we need things to do! The grand canyon is out, too much snow for my little rental car LOL! I will be down there from the 2nd til the 9th :smile:
  2. You could try Sedona, it's locally known as 'Heaven on Earth':yes:
    Also, Camelback Mountain may be fun if you guys like to hike/climb a little, it doesn't have tyo be a full on hike/climb.
  3. Sedona is super beautiful......
    We went there last year, Everything is so beautiful and artsy.....
    We also went on one fo those pink jeep tour. I wasnt a big fan at first, but at the end of the tour, I :heart: it. I dont know if they do it in the winter tho....
  4. Sedona is beautiful, not a long drive from Phx. The AZ Science Center, in dwntwn Phx, is a lot of fun. There's also a dinosaur museum in Mesa. Tons of places to hike, Camelback, South Mountain, White Tanks, so
  5. I'll also agree with sedona. It's not too far a drive from phx and no snow! The rocks are really beautiful!
  6. Also, a great website to check out for local events in the area is azcentral.com. Have fun.
  7. Another vote for Sedona!!! It's one of the most stunning places I've ever seen. There shouldn't be any snow there.

    Camelback mt is convenient and fun hiking too.

    There are some cool indian ruins nearby, also, trips into the dessert -- the apache trail and superstition mountains are close by. Google either and you can get directions and available tours. They have bus and, for the more adventurous, jeep tours.

    There is a cute zoo too -- not world class, but might be fun for your son:smile:
  8. I was just out there visiting my family for Thanksgiving. My cousin and I did a day trip to Sedona - it was great. Beautiful sights. We just stopped in the Visitors Center when we got there got a map and some guidance as to what we should look at and off we went. Also on the way there is Montazuma Castle National Park. It is pretty cool as well - it's a castle built into the side of the mountain and it's on the way to Sedona. Just a quick stop to see something cool.
    Looks like they have a couple Suns night games (basketball) while you're there.
    We went and checked out ASU in Tempe but I'm not sure a 9 year old would "love" that but he might like it.
    If you like the outdoors all of the hiking trails are beautiful and you really can't go wrong.
    Oh also, if he's into hunting/fishing/outdoors they have a brand new Cabela's in Glendale right near the new stadium maybe a stop that he'd enjoy after doing some shopping that he was less interested in doing.
    Just some quick thoughts... have a great time!
  9. Scottsdale Fashion Square...the best mall in AZ!!
  10. Thanks guys! Sedona it is! The science center sounds fun too.

    Shelley: Thanks for the website, I will check that out.

    couturegrl: LOL, i will definately check out the shopping in Scottsdale, especially Louis Vuitton!
  11. yay! But don't forget to stop at Montezuma castle national monument -- it's right on the way. Cliff dwellings from the Indians -- how cool! I totally wanted to see it but I was there when the government was "on strike" so the national parks were closed. I was ticked!
  12. I looked that up, that looks really cool, I bet my son would like it! I printed out a map of AZ LOL and am planning where to go. Only problem i forsee is icy weather and a small rental car...
  13. The AZ Science Center is a lot of fun for kids. There is also the desert botanical garden and the zoo. As someone mentioned, azcentral.com is the site for the Arizona Republic newspaper. There's a town called Cave Creek, north of Scottsdale that has some kitschy cowboyish stuff to do. At Arizona Mills (big outlet center has NM Last Call, and Saks Off 5th) theres and IMAX theatre with may have some fun movies, plus there a Rainforest Cafe which is a fun place for kids to eat.
    I wouls also agree that if your car can handle it, go to Sedona. It's only abut 90 minutes north but it will be colder than Phoenix (which is in the high 50's now). You could also head south towards Tucson and go to Kartchner Cavern, it's a day trip from PHX, about 2 and a half hours, but fun.
    Hope that helps.
    Have a great time.
  14. If you have the time while up at Sedona (which like everybody says, is absolutely beautiful!) the Out of Africa preserve is alot of fun. There is also the Wildlife World Zoo west of Phoenix that is also alot of fun. WWZ is nothing fancy but if you have an afternoon free its fun. For shopping skip AZ Mills...Scottsdale Fashion Center is great and Chandler Mall is good too!