what to do in maine?

  1. my bf and i are going to maine for memorial day...does anyone have any suggestions of what to see/do there? we're staying in boothbay harbor friday - monday... mmm...can't wait for the lobster...lol...
  2. Take the ferry rides--there are several interesting ones. There's a long one that goes to a summer artist's colony--Monhegan Island--the Inn on the Island isn't bad for lunch.
  3. Hi - I'm in Maine!! Southern Maine though....Not sure what's up in Boothbay to do but visit the information booth/Chamber of Commerce and I'm sure you'll find information on things to do - hopefully it will be nice weather....Enjoy!
  4. thanks for the info! i heard there are outlets in maine. are they any good?
  5. There are some in Freeport - and the big LL Bean is nice. It is a nice area to walk around in. Coach is up there. I got a bunch of cashmere scarves at the Burberry outlet and they seemed well stocked. Other Maine outlets are very blah but I like Freeport.
  6. I thought about it last night in bed that should tell you about the outlets! Actually, Kittery (which is when you first drive into the state) has a ton of outlets - good ones too. Very comparable to Freeport (which is about 1.25 hrs. from Kittery). Of course Freeport has LL Bean and nice outlets...(they have a Burberry where Kittery does not - also a great Cole Haan store - real store, not just an outlet as in Kittery). Let me know if you're looking for specific stores - nothing too high end but Coach and Dooney are in Freeport (Coach only in Kittery); etc....Freeport is easier walking around and all stores closer than Kittery...
  7. Go to LL Beane :smile:
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