What to do if your SO's ex physically threatens you?


What to do if your SO's ex threatens to physically assault you?

  1. Grab the Vaseline and tell your cousin to call her friends.

  2. Try to reason with the crazed girl in a calm manner.

  3. Tell your boyfriend to straighten this b**** out.

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  1. I'm in a bad mood, so I'll make this a humorous poll.
  2. This is not funny. Mods please close.
  3. Sorry my poll upset you. I've been crying for the past hour. I could have written a long, drawn out post asking for advice, but due to my low E.Q., I wrote it like this.

    If ppl are going to misunderstand my intentions and judge me, fine, I want a mod to close this thead.
  4. If this is serious then kindly do not indicate it should be humorous. Also. If you are scared please call the police.
  5. I'm not actually scared of her, although I could use advice on how to deal with her. I'm just sad that I've been through so much with him, and this is the coup de grace.
  6. Closing by O.P request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.