What to do if your item is not received??

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  1. I sold a Tods bag to a lady who lives in France. She payed through Paypal but her address was unconfirmed. To cover myself I shipped the bag using Royal Mail International signed for with Insurance to cover the value of the bag. The tracking information online only tracks the bag till it leaves the UK which it did on the 20th August. I e-mailed the buyer the tracking number when I posted the bag.

    Today I received an e-mail from her that the bag hasn't arrived yet even though I posted it 11 days ago.

    My question is the Postal service in the UK say that I can't claim compensation until the bag is missing for 1 month and even then I have to fill in a claim form and wait for them to investigate the matter first before they send compensation. When should I refund the buyers money??? I don't want to refund her money and then find out that someone did sign for the Parcel.

    Does anyone else have experience of lost parcels here??
  2. I am not sure that I would pay just yet. Try to talk to your buyer and tell her that it could just be delayed in shipping and to give it a little more time. You can assure her that if the bag doesn't show up that it IS insured and she will get her money back, but must wait at least 30days before the postal service will investigate.

    She has 45 days to file an INR, she has plenty of time. I think that if you assure her you are on her side and doing everything thing you can on your end to help she may be understanding.

    Good luck!
  3. Id definitely leave it until 30 days to see if it arrives, can it be stuck in customs?
    I am a eBay seller- recently I have been having major problems with royal mail international signed for. it is taking between 4-6 weeks for items to be delivered. If I have a buyer buying something from France I tell them to expect to wait between 2-4 weeks. 11 days is nothing!
  5. Thanks designer mummy, luckily the seller has said that she will wait another week and then contact the France postal service so that she can see where it may be.

    I don't think there should be a customs hold up as the bag was posted in the EU, having said that I did have to sign a customs declaration on the contents and value of the bag.

    Thanks for the advice from everyone else,:tup: what you said about being understanding and on the buyers side, makes a lot of sense. Hopefully it will arriive soon.
  6. U shouldnt of had to fill a customs sticker in!
    As long as you keep in contact with the buyer it should be ok, you find as long as theyre kept informed they are usually ok!
    I have a buyer in Italy waiting for a parcel which has taken 5 weeks so far!
  7. DO NOT REFUND! Paypal will make her wait the 21-30 days anyways! Just wait it out...sometimes things just get held up and then miraculously show up!
    For future reference...always send it with some type of signature required service when they are unconfirmed.
  8. I have a bit of a similar problem .. I purchased a wallet about a month ago.. it was mailed via usps priority mail, to this day - i still doesn't have it - the seller and i tracked it - tracking info - shows that they tried to deliver the pkg and had left a notice... which i don't have! I called my local post office and been asking my local mailman about it - and the pkg is nowhere to be found. I was hoping somehow that it will be returned to the seller. Seller informed me that it has not returned to her yet and when i asked her what's our next step - she said it was a great wallet and i'm sorry you don't have it.. i'm glad it's insured and here's the copy of my receipt! so my question is who's supposed to file the claim with usps? me or the seller? and when should i file a chargeback?

    thanks a bunch,
  9. I think it would be the responsibility of the seller to file the claim with the post office and then reimburse you once the insurance comes through.

    TWIGGERS, I did send the bag using the Royal mail international signed for service which does require a signature upon delivery as confirmation. Unfortunately I can't track it online once it has left the UK. So I can't tell if they have tried to deliver it or not in France.
  10. Syma when you post to the US with this service this can be tracked on www.usps. when you send to Netherlands its the same on their local mail provider. I would try and find out what the French equivalent website is and check on there - i have done this now with lots of my international signed for items.

    Keeping everything crossed for ya hun.
  11. Do what you can to reassure your buyer. There's so many variables involved in overseas shipping. It once took three and a half weeks for a Prada I sold to reach its final destination. Sellers are not responsible for time in transit or customs delays. My buyer finally took it upon herself to contact Royal Mail three weeks into the ordeal and was told the parcel had been sitting in customs for 9 days. You chose the best delivery system available and should (IMHO) wait it out a while longer. Good Luck!:jammin:
  12. Thanks for all your help and advice ladies. Just thought I'd update that the buyer contacted the french postal service and they found her bag! It was delivered safe and sound and she loved it.:tup:
  13. YEAH! That is awesome news! Glad you let us know!
  14. phew! good to know that it has arrived safe and sound! Thank goodness you didn't refund! lol....
  15. If you explained it like response 2, then the buyer will have seen a reasonable response and probably not feel worried unless they are very neurotic.

    Delays like this are very common.

    I once had a shipment to Canada delayed by two months. Understanding the buyer's position, I told them to file not received and then went through official channels, all the while letting them know that I would personally guarantee the amount. In the end, the fault was with the postal saervice and the buyer was not unhappy with me at all.