What to do if your bag drops on carrying heavy stuffs..

  1. i asked this Q in prada shop days ago while trying the leather tote. the SA said i can cut the bottom of the paper bag (cause it's hard), trim it to proper size, and put it in the bottom of your handbag. then the bag doesn't drop that much and it looks nicer. i tried on my new miu miu spring satchel and prada bag and it works, esp if you take heavy magazine and labtop. do give it a try.. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. how interesting. i thought about that, but then felt that since i had paid so much for the bag, i should not be made to do extra work for it to look PERFECT..... :p
  3. My SA jumped on his pedestal way back about how women overstuff bags. These bags weren't meant to carry bricks (or laptops). The more weight we stuff in them, the more it stresses the seams and the handles. Not to mention what it does to your shoulders, necks and backs with all that weight. If someone needs to carry a laptop, they should get a laptop case that's designed for that purpose and save the nice handbags for lighter weight items.
  4. but i think occassionally some bag dropped anyway, because of the way they are constructed, such as the LV speedy. you do not really need to put heavy things in one of these, and the bottom will drop... and that changes the shape of the bag, naturally. that annoys me somewhat, unless the bag looks sort of nice slouchy, which not all bags are.
  5. I was thinking if my new prada sachel can hold my 12'' laptop, then I saw your post..:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  6. stuff a scarf at the bottom of the bag, it doesnt give it the hard look of a board. it should be nicer.
  7. You can even get a customized nice one made at your local shoe repair that fits real nice inside
  8. Well said, Prada! Even though laptops are lighter than ever nowadays, they do need to be carried around carefully in cases that cushion them from every day bumps with commuting or especially with travel/airports. Plus, laptop briefcases will have padded shoulder straps to ease strain as well.

    Coming from a helpdesk/IT/PC repair background, I've seen all too often how damage can affect the internal workings of our precious laptops, so it's worth the investment and saving strain/stress on your handbags too!