What to do..If you have "2" SO..the 2nd was unexpected??

  1. OK ladies and guys!

    I have been casually having a good rapport with 2 Fabulous SA on 2 different H boutique over the last year or so. Both of them are aware about my possibility of purchasing a HAC36 or Birkin35.

    I know my SA took my SO on February Podium order for my HAC36cm and patiently awaiting for confirmation in April. Then..I called the other Hermes store with my other SA and had a casual conversation about store openings without "Mentioning" any Birkins or HAC topics or inquiry. At the end of our conversation, my SA notified me about putting me on the "LIST" on SO podium for February as well!!:wtf: And..it is a Birkin35. I said "Thank you and this is pleasantly unexpected!!:yahoo:. I hung up..and thought..WOW!! I did not know which color it was that I ordered..I know it's either Graphite or Potiron.

    OK..What happens if BOTH of my SO got confirmed. Now I might have a HAC36cm and Birkin 35cm Both Graphite. (I hope my 2nd option "Potiron" will be the Birkin one or vice versa..whichever will get approved)

    Should I wait until confirmation? Should I get both?

    My original SO: HAC36cm Graphite with Rouge Garance piping and interior and Ruthenium hardware.

    Anyway..I havent called my SA since..I figured it will be the Graphite Birkin35.

    Would you call and find out??? Which one would YOU get?

  2. WOW...some people have problems and SOME PEOPLE HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS!

    I say call them both and see what they put in for SO's and then come report back to us with more details.
  3. I was in this position too. I changed my SO slightly at the second H store (just before the podium, phew!), so I have two Birkins coming now, but different enough that I will use them both. You can always sell one if you don't want to keep them both.
  4. Ok..called my 2nd SA and was told that she's already gone for 3 weeks.
    (In Paris...I guess) I think she's the "Keyholder".

    Well..I'll wait for the confirmation and see what happens. Who know's I might keep them both...but I "really" want to start with 1 (for now,at least cuz that's what I can afford)

    I hope to have those "Babies" before Hermes Arizona opens up...it'll save me some taxes.


    - Have you "DECLINED" a SO..once it arrives because you already have a Birkin of your choice???

    - If a person who have "Declined" a SO..would he/she be barred or blacklisted from "Future" Birkin SO or Podium???
  5. I'd say wait for them to come first...if you love both of them get both! Else, you can always sell one or turn it down.
  6. First of all...Congratulations on your SO's...
    I am kind of on the same boat...but, assuming that they do not come in at the same time...you should be ok...:smile:
  7. I always wondered about that, if you placed an SO, received it, but it wasn't what you thought it would be, and didn't want to purchase it...what then?

    Oh, that and, if you place a SO (this may be a redundant question) do you have to pay for it immediately, or do you wait for it to come in and then pay for it?

    I wonder because if I ever wanted to SO something, I thought I'd have to get all of the funds, then SO the bag...but I'd be waiting sooo long, months to save and then months/years to just get the SO :wondering
  8. Congrats on you SO's!!
    I just noticed that you're in Phoenix too!!
    Just curious..where are your SA's? Because we don't have a store here.
  9. i'd say worry when it arrives.

    phew, what a nice "problem" to have!!!!!
  10. 1) You won't know if either or both of your SOs have been accepted until your SA or store manager returns from Paris ~ any time soon, unless she is also in charge of RTW which will hold her back for awhile more.

    2) If only one SO has been accepted, good. If both SOs have been accpeted, Paris won't tell your store when your SOs will arrive anyway. If none of them has been accepted, back to the drawing board.

    Yeah .... hang in there first. Wait for your SAs to come back to you.:sweatdrop:
  11. Just to answer these questions...

    You aren't obligated to purchase a SO.

    No, you don't pay for it until it comes in!

  12. Nope. Haven't had the chance to decline a SO yet. Although I think I did cancel a request because I received a Birkin of my choice. It was timely because I replaced it with another leather/combo before the Feb podium began.

    Oooo .... There is so much rumours that cloud the issue that I don't think it's possible to be sure what will happen when someone declines her SO when it arrives. If she and the store values your patronage, then you'll have nothing to worry. If she feels that you have wasted her SO quota, then she'll probably hesitate in letting you place a SO in the future. She'd probably give it some time in between before she lets you place your next SO (read: spend more money at the store). But if there are more SOs available than customers requesting them, then yeah, she'll probably ask you if you wanted another one at the next podium. The bottomline is how YOUR SA takes the news.
  13. Thanks everyone for your reply: I've gotten great advise from you and I hope either ones will be confirmed sometime this year.

    Ladystara: My SA's are in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. Both are marvelous! Love them both. I have better personal rapport with the Beverly Hills boutique SA. That's where I got my Evelyn PM last December.
    The SA in Vegas is the one I've been having casual conversations and occasional drop-in in hopes to see a Birkin of my dream! I haven't got anything from that store...maybe I'll go sometime when she comes back and buy something, like a tie or some sort!
  14. MsParkles: Hi...How do I approach this situation to my SA about my prior SO from BH? Should I honestly inform her about my original SO prior to the 2nd SO and that..If my 2nd choice of color could come up..then I would purchase both if confirmed?

    I feel, if both SO got confirmed, I dont really want 2 same colors of 2 different bags (Graphite HAC/Birkin) I'd rather have 2 different colors.

    What do you think? I need to wait for her to come back and inform her about my predicament. (PM me if you like)
  15. Your prior SO from BH - have you heard confirmation from your BH SA what's the status with this?

    There is absolutely no need for you to mention to your LV SA about your patronage at the BH store. Unless you feel that there is a compelling reason you should. A revelation of this sort serves no purpose IMHO.

    The thing for you to do now, is to do NOTHING at all.

    You need not inform your SA a thing. Instead, let her come back to you and tell you if your SO has gone through. If both your SOs have been accepted, it may not mean that both of them will be delivered to your respective stores at the same time. So, just do nothing and enjoy the benefit of 2 stores 'working' for you. And buy from whichever store that receives your bag from Paris. AFTER you have received your graphite bag from whoever, go to the other SA and say you've a change of heart and want another colour. Who knows by then, there may be a new H colour introduced that makes your heart flutter????

    Do nothing.