What to do if you bought an ebay fake?

  1. Hi,

    I am a newbie here although I have been lurking around for some time.

    I have bought a few LV items on eBay and they have all turned out to be legit until today. Today I got my first fake LV bag that was advertised as authentic.

    I bought this LV bag based on the sellers 127 feedback with 97.7% positive and he being a member since May of 2001. I didn't see any negative feedback as a seller so I decided to bid. The bag was clearly advertised as authentic in the listing although the seller only put up a "stock" picture of the bag. I know, I know I probably should have been more cautious but I saw the listing when it was nearly ending and bid on it based on the sellers relatively good feedback score and his claim to authenticity. Also, my bid was so low I did not really think I would win the auction.

    Now, what should I do? I do plan on contacting him and trying to resolve this but before I do this I thought I would ask some of you who may have experienced this before your thoughts and what the best way to proceed is.

    By the way, I believe the seller is probably fully aware the bag is a fake.

    Also, I have perfect feedback on eBay and do not want to receive any negative retalliatory feedback from this guy so I want to be careful how I handle this situation.

  2. Did you pay by PayPal? If so, you should be covered under the buyer's protection scheme. DO call your credit card issuer as well, most of the time they will be able to help and you'll get a refund.

    I'm sorry for your mistake!
  3. E-mail the the seller first, tell them that the bag they mentioned as authentic was really fake, and that you would like your money back. If she/he fails to compormise, tell them you're filing a claim with Paypal and contacting eBay since it's against eBay's TOS to sell counterfeit goods.

    If you paid via Paypal, report a claim and state that the seller claimed the bag as authentic, but turned out to be fake.

    This comes to show you that you shouldn't ever believe that just because a seller says their item is authentic, it always isn't true.

    For future reference, feel free to post any authenticity questions here:http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-shopping/authenticate-this-louis-vuitton-17670.html
  4. f if you paid with c/c you can contact them, also you can file with paypal and ebay, Also contact the seller.
    Do you have proof the bag is fake?

  5. I paid via Paypal although my account is tied directly into my bank account so I am not using a credit card

    To me the bag is 100% clearly fake, although I don't have proof of it.

    How would I go about getting proof? Should I go to my local LV store so they can tell me it is fake. Will they confiscate it? Will they write me a letter saying it is a fake?

    I guess I will contact the seller and try to work it out with him first.

  6. Post pic's or the auction link in the above thread that john posted to you..

    LV doesnt give you anything in write and depending on your local store then my not even verbally authenticate it for you :sad:
  7. You can have the bag authenticated by www.mypoupette.com or www.caroldiva.com

    You will have to pay a fee for the authentication, but you will probably need this service as evidence if you open a PayPal claim. Do not return the bag to the seller unless PayPal tells you to! With claims likes these, PayPal usually needs the bag for evidence and then asks you to destroy it afterwards. Also, please, please, please leave the seller a negative! That will be one less scuzzy seller for the rest of us to worry about.
  8. So should I simply go through Paypal to get my money back, have the bag authenticated as fake by mypoupette and then hang on to the bag as evidence that it is fake after I open a Paypal claim?

    Also, if I leave this seller negative feedback he will probably leave me negative also as retaliation, is there any way I can avoid that?
  9. No, unfortunately. There's no way to avoid his negative retaliatory feedack, but most astute buyers will see right through a bogus negative. Also, you can respond to his feedback so people will know it's simply retaliation.

    Open a SNAD PayPal claim. PayPal will probably contact you requesting the authentication from my poupette, but I would wait for the request before you go ahead and pay the fee. Maybe when the seller sees that you're serious about the claim, he will refund your money. Good luck!

    I sent a nice email to the seller telling him I want a refund because the bag is a replica. Here is what he replied:

    "That is fine, if you want the refund but its a real bag and what can I say you got it at a great deal at that price, your getting a bag that is worth thousands for a few hundred bucks... although there is no refund I can also offer you gucci shoes which are the ones currently selling at Saks the brown on brown...which i can gain from my friends discount. Thank you"

    BTW, the bag is unquestionably a fake...

    Is this ridiculous or what? No refund!

    I will try a few more times to work this out nicely and then I will have to go to Paypal and ebay.

  11. I know how you feel. Until now I'm still waiting to hear from Paypal about the Fake Chloe Paddington bag I bought off e-bay. I filed the claim last July and here I am still hoping to hear any update from Paypal. Have the bag certified as non-authentic, I used mypoupette and paid $35 for it. Paypal will definitely ask you for this. Best of luck to you .....