What to do if you are sick and sensitive to tons of meds?

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  1. Ugh, just diagnosed with a sinus infection :confused1: DH had a cold about 3 weeks ago, brought it home...of course I got it and was self treating for about a week and a half but it wouldn't go away, progressed into a sinus infection with I'm prone to. I took amoxicillin 500mg for a week (basically the only med I can tolerate) which didn't kill the infection. I took Ceftin 3x which just about killed me, I couldn't tolerate it at all.

    I have another appt tomorrow to figure out what to do, but those of you allergic/sensitive to antibiotics, how do you get rid of sinus infections, etc. if you can't take them??? He mentioned something about Augmentin, since I'm ok w/the amoxy should I go ok with that too? I'm petrified to take anything at this point as the meds make me even sicker!

    Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. The antibiotic in Augmentin is basically the same as amoxicillin, just with an additional ingredient that makes it more effective against a broader range of bacteria. So, I would imagine that you'll tolerate it just as well as the amoxicillin. Hope you feel better!
  3. I had a killer sinus infection a few weeks ago... worst one of my life. Started on amox also, didn't work. Went back and got put on Cipro and that worked.

    I do not like taking meds- REALLY makes me feel sick, but I had no side effects with the Cipro and it worked wonders.

    Also, Sudafed makes me really weird and I feel awful- I take Children's Dimetapp. You can use an 'adult' dose of it without all of the parts that make you so drwsy as in Sudafed. Feel better!!! {{HUGS}}
  4. i've been on 800mil augmentin and it has kicked the ass of my sinus infections

    good luck