what to do if this was given as a present....

  1. hi everyone,

    I gave a party last weekend and i invited a friend and he came with date. I think he told her that i'm an LV fan and she gave me this a present. It came with a Louis vuitton box
    but i (really) think it's fakey...(don't even know if LV made these...)

    ugghh.. i really don't know what to do with it. When i opend it i was really stiff as a board. I didn't know what to say!....My friend keep asking "do you really like it?"
    I feel so bad lying...

    What would you do?
  2. I would just thank the person for the gift and not use it if it was a fake. It's not worth hurting someone's feelings over.
  3. I would say thank you and then toss it in the closet.
  4. Yes say thank you and hide it away if you think it's fake. You may want to post on the authenticate this thread to be sure it is fake.
  5. Exactly!! I wouldn't hurt my friend's feelings!

  6. Agreed!
  7. yeah great idea, i'll take pictures later and post it.
  8. Don't feel bad for lying.

    In my opinion, you did the right thing by being nice about it and not hurting your friends feelings.

    If I was in your situation and the LV was fake ..... I would of just said: "Thank You so much! That was very generous of you to buy me a gift."

    I would just keep it in the back of my closet and never ever use it (without them knowing of course).
  9. I agree.
  10. Don't hurt your feelings...just put it away! Take it out if they're ever over!
  11. I totally agree!!! :heart:
  12. Yeah, grin and bear it! I'm sorry if it is fake though! Only bring it out when they are around! Awww, I hope it's real for you!
  13. My friend gave me a fake pochette once... so I put it away in my closet. But when I used my real pochette, she couldn't tell the difference and was so happy that I was using her purse!
  14. It was nice of you to graciously accept her gift. If it is indeed fake, then just put it somewhere where you don't have to see it. She probably didn't know any better.

    Maybe it will end up real though!!
  15. That's what I would do ^^^