What to do if the shoes I want are a half size too big?

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  1. I have a pair of patent CLs that I adore and would be perfect for work, except that they are a half size too big. :sad: I tried stuffing the toe box anyway and wore them to work one day, but my heel kept slipping out and the stuffing made it real difficult to walk in! There is another auction for CLs that I am watching but they may end up a half size too large as well. Is there any solution to this problem or am I just going to have to sell them? Anyone else have success keeping shoes that are a tad too large?
  2. My vote would be to sell them... Sorry. :sad: It would be more worth your while to get a pair that you can wear carefree, KWIM. :flowers:
  3. I agree with,xnplo. Sell em,sailornep5
  4. i have 3 pairs of cls that are a half size to big and i had my cobbler put insoles underneath the louboutin insole and they are perfect
  5. try buying "suede halters" from your local cobbler. they work similar to having padding added under the insole, but is much cheaper. the halters go on top of the insole in the toe box area. use this in combination with heavenly heelz and you should be set.
  6. if they don't fit properly i would just sell them.
  7. My yoyos are half a size too big for me too, but I use gel inserts for the sole and gel heel grips at the back and they're fine.
  8. My VPs are slightly too big and I put heel grips in and now they fit perfectly.
  9. ye i have to agree, it wasnt meant to be..
    i know its a "sign" when i find great shoes in my size
    but i would deff sellthem
  10. If they are a hard to find shoe I would suggest gel inserts and heel grips to see if that works before deciding to sell them.
  11. I've put heel grips in a pair of shoes that were a half size too big, it worked fine :flowers:
  12. Try the inserts and heel grips and if those still don't do the trick then sell them.
  13. I remember reading somewhere that Victoria Beckham says she stuffs her shoes with toilet paper if they don't have her size. But seeing as how you've already tried stuffing them, it would depend on how much you LOVE them? If you are drop dead crazy about them, you will find a way to make them work. If not then definitely sell them and try to get a size down.
  14. Sailor - I recommend that you try some Hue Gel liners which you can buy online or at most drug stores.

    Keep on mind that patent leather doesn't stretch as much as other leathers/skins so you won't have to worry about them getting any bigger.

    I recently bought a pair of patent VPs that were 1/2 a size too big on me because my size was sold out (silly ebay resellers) and when I first got them they were too big on me but then I put these gel liners along with a heel liner and they now fit me perfect. I wore them the other night with the sole liners and heel liners and they didn't slip off at all, they fit perfectly.

    I recommend getting the liners in a size smaller than the shoe size you normally wear (since these are going to be applied to peep toes and you don't want the liner going to the tip of the sole).

    Good luck.
  15. I had the exact same prob as u awhile ago & I was really worried I would have to sell my CL's :sad:. then I found out about Heel Grips and they are amazing. my shoes fit perfectly now. try them out