What to do if someone just sends you something?

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  1. This is a rather odd situation. I'm putting it here because I'm assuming someone that I've purchased before from Ebay sent it to me but I could be very wrong. I received a package in the mail from a Seattle address with a brand new Alexander Wang jacket in an Outnet bag. There's not packing slip or anything. I didn't order it and I have no idea where to send it back to. I talked to my UPS guy and he won't take it back because I already opened it. What do I do with it? And it's not even my size so it's not like I could wear it or anything. Any thoughts? Has this ever happened to anyone?
  2. You have the return address?

    I would try to get a phone number and call that person.
  3. So after a little digging, I found out that the return address is a UPS store and when I called they were less than helpful.
  4. I think I have to wait for the person who shipped it to realize they messed up and contact me? I left my info with the store but the guy who I talked to was very whatever about the whole situation.
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    It looks like a Christmas present I sent to a friend via SAKS. The store forgot to include the card, and this friend spent several weeks trying to figure out to whom she should send a thank you note.

    In the OP situation, I would send a certified letter (about $3.00, I think), to the address she has, asking for a pre-paid return label to send the jacket back. I would also inform that if I would not hear from them within 4 weeks, I would feel free to get rid of the jacket.

    P.S. While I would give them 4 weeks to reply, I would wait a few months before getting rid of the jacket (just in case :smile:).
  6. Unless there's a way of finding information about the sender another way, this may be your best bet. Even if the UPS Store has more information about who sent it, they're probably not able to give it to you.

    The other thing that I would do if I were you - just to be sure - double check your credit card statements to make sure that no one is using your # for purchases, and call your CC company to make sure that they've not issued a new card with your # recently.
  7. Could be that it was misaddressed and meant for one of your neighbors. If you think it was an eBay item you could search for recently completed listings of AW jackets to see if this particular one sold there.

    I agree with sending a letter to the address of record.
  8. Are you waiting for any items from recently purchased items on ebay? If so, check the completed sales for those sellers and see if any of them has sold the item in question and then get in touch with them that way.

    If you're not waiting on anything from ebay sellers then just check the completed listings for all the sellers you have purchased from in the last 30 days for this particular item.

    If you can't find it then hopefully whoever was supposed to receive it will get in touch with their seller and the seller will realise their mistake and get in touch with you.
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