What to do if my purchase is fake??

  1. Ok, I purchase my first big purchase on eBay and i'm afraid even though i've gotten the green light here on the forum that the bag is a fake.

    The seller says no refunds and no returns but what if the bag is fake? Can i still get my money back by filing to eBay (or paypal??) that the purse is fake?

    She also never says that there is authenticity guaranteed but she does use the name of the designer to describe the handbag is that still fraud? (or whatever its called)

    I have never bought a bag on eBay and i'm not sure i can handle this pressure, pleas advise in every possible way!!
  2. I bought a Fendi Spy bag on eBay and it was a fake, made in China. A very nice bag but a fake nonetheless. It arrived yesterday. Seller had said she was selling bag on behalf of friend who had spilt from her boyfriend and wanted rid of the bag. Since I believe there was a clear intention to deceive I have opened an eBay dispute console with this seller. Hopefully I'll hear from her soon. I asked for a refund but won't hold my breath. As for YOUR problem, honey52, if I were you I'd open a dispute with the seller. The prospect of being struck off eBay might be enough to prize a refund and apology. Your case sounds very like mine. Definitely Buyer Beware! I hope you didn't leave good feedback for that seller before realizing the bag was fake. I did that, but followed up with a comment that I subsequently found the 'Made in China' label. Good luck and don't let it get you down. Stuff like this happens a lot on eBay.
  3. http://ihatecounterfeitbags.info/iwonafake-whatnow
  4. It doesn't matter if the seller says no refunds. Selling counterfeit bags is illegal. Open a dispute with eBay/PP and go from there. Make sure you file first before you contact your CC company. Good luck!
  5. great link judge judy..
    ask the seller and give them a deadline on when to respond. most people who sell check ebay daily then if there is no response open a dispute through paypal. once you escalate from a dispute to a claim on paypal, do not close it. if you close it and the seller doesn't follow through, you cannot re-open it.
    does that make any sense?
  6. What Judge Judy said!
  7. yeah i would say open a dispute with paypal and cc company! good luck!