What to do if DH says NO to a new cat...

  1. I had a cat for 19 years... she died and I dearly miss her.... We have been traveling allover the world... and therefor didn't even think about a new cat. Yesterday I was at Petsmart with my son and they had the cutiest cats from the shelter... I melted and was ready to bring one home... son wanted to take them ALL home... but resisted and talked to DH... he gave me 'the look'... inconvenient... traveling... BUT we don't do really or too long and cats are very easy companions. Oh how can I convince him as an extra note he had a dog when he was young and loved him... oh IF son could have a DOG!!!! :smile:
  2. I'm working on him :smile: when I met him girlie (my cat's name) just loved him :smile: any one ??? give me more reasoning :smile:
  3. With all of the traveling I am thinking that it may not be the right time to bring a fur-ball into the family. Perhaps wait a little bit until you are more settled - there will always be many babies in need of loving forever homes.

    See, my reasoning is that adoption is stressful on the pet, the holidays are stressful on any pet, and being left behind for even a few days is stressful on any pet. I am afraid that if you were to adopt now you would be asking for a compromised immune system (possible illness) and LOTS of bad behavior.

    Best of luck, and awesome that you want to adopt! Just wait until the time is right!

    Andrea :flowers:
  4. Oh I wish I could take them ALL. Also we have a 'not my paternal grandmom' living just a couple houses away... who would ALWAYS come over... our kids love her ... and lives in our house when we are not there...
  5. I have to rectify... our oldest (5) goes to school, we may just go away for the weekends... and in the summer for 6 weeks and depending..how she/he travels BUT there is always someone home.
  7. As a child, I was never allowed to have a dog or cat (horses were ok-they stayed outside.) I really think that pets are important to kids. My husband, also a vet, is horrified that I couldn't have even a cat!

    Now, of course, he told me that something has to die first before I bring anything else home! I think a puppy might be hard with your schedule, but a cat would do just fine. Petsmart usually has nice, well-adjusted adult cats. The way I got an Australian Shepherd, two Blue Helers, a mimi mule, six horses and three cats was to just say, look honey, how could I not?
  8. withhold sex until he gives in.
  9. good advice DQ.... Ha he gave in very quickly :smile: I think too that it is very good for kids.. I had 2 cats and a dog when little. So off I went to Petsmart and adopted a very sweet cat. She is about half a year old... so still young but not too :smile: the kids are in heaven !
  10. AWESOME AWESOMW AWESOME. Aren't you guys married? Dosen't that imply that sex is withheld for 50 or so years.
  11. The US government made us marry! turns out to be fine:smile: 50 YEARS .... uh oh NO way
  12. C'mon, where's your sense of adventure?

    (Really, I love my DH, It's just that I want to kill him for brief periods on a daily basis.)
  13. lots of adventures .... but uh I need you know :0 you are funny :smile:.

    My DH plays golf... keeps me sane :smile:
  14. DH is against house animals!!! Horses are okay to him too! Missy (I'm going to spoil her) is so well behaved... I was used to coming home and have the whole house wrecked... she is doing none of those things (ha YET). Absolutely the sweetest cat.
  15. I'm so glad!