What to do if Chanel messes up reconditioning you bag?

  1. What can you do if the reconditioning service totally messes up the color of your bag.... say you bring in a beautiful golden pearl beige bag and you get back a plain ugly beige one... with brown speckles?? Sorry, too upset to go into details right now. I need support :cry: and I don't have pics, left the bag at the store to fix the speckles...
  2. WHAT? they did? you mean, Chanel? holy cow, that's just so unacceptable! make them do something, if the speckles cannot be corrected, they have to offer you a reasonable solution. like a new bag... lol
  3. Oh no....I've got one at Chanel right now that has taken more than two weeks longer than they said (so far) to be finished, so this freaks me out....did they have any explanation as to what in the heck happened??
  4. No explanation, the SA told me over the phone that the bag was back and looking beautiful and in person she saw no problem with it until I pointed out the not so tiny speckles all over the bag. As for the finish she kept saying that the lambskin does get stiffer with the dying process but didn't grasp the fact that it used to be a golden pearl finish not a plain :throwup: beige. Anyway she sent it back to be 'retouched"... my biggest problem now is that I know that I will get back a plain beige bag that might look fine.... but if you bring in a gray metallic reissue and get back a flat rat gray reissue, would you be happy about it??
  5. Wow! I'm so sorry! You have every right to be angry. They usually warn you about the stiffer leather but they should have warned you about the color if they knew they couldn't give it the correct finish. The whole point of restoring a bag is to bring it back to its original glory which in this case consisted of a pearl finish. I would find what happened totally unacceptable. Just for my visual curiosity- what style bag was it?
  6. I suggest that if you are still unhappy with the retouched outcome, demand for a replacement!
    They "damaged" my bag too last time when I sent it to repair the strap. And till now I REGRETTED for not making a fuss of it cos it still gives me heartache till now whenever I looked at my horrible strap ( I have to "hide" the damaged part whenever I carry the bag).
  7. Echo, it's my beloved cloudy bundle, not so cloudy anymore.
    I always had the feeling that it was a slightly used one when I got it and the fact that the handles and corners worn out to the bare leather in just a couple of months of very careful use reinforced my suspicions. Sorry about your trouble Ibiza, I know the feeling.
    I'm very bummed that she didn't warn me about the color change, is it my fault for not asking more questions about the process??
  8. Wow, I can't believe they would mess up like this.. shouldn't they know their own products better?? Although there may have been some miscommunication or misunderstanding both on your end and theirs, I don't think it would unreasonable of you to be upset. I hope they can fix it for real the second time around!

    Maybe if you have "before" pictures of when it was new, to show them a comparison - that might help them understand your frustration too? Good luck!
  9. I'm sorry to hear that!.. I know how u feel, cuz i have bad experience with Chanel recodition too.. I brought my white reporter to chanel to clean it acually not that dirty but it has only couple of black line on the top i guess it from the handle strap SA told me. I bought it when it on sale and I just want to give it to my sister for a gift. i was waited for 3 months to get it at first they said 8 weeks.. I'm ok to wait, but when i go get the bag at the chanel57th st. NYC.. i saw the red line stain on the top of my bag and i told Channel Rep.. that when i brought it here it doesn't have red line and i told her that i also took a picture of my purse she said the guy who do clean my purse is the best guy in chanel she positive that they will never mess it up( but he did :cursing:)..i was really mad.. she know that i got this handbag for the discount price because at the beginning i show her my receipt before. You know what she said.. she said this is a discount bag the condition might be not better that full price that's why... i was really mad but don't know what to say and i have to hurry up because my DS park right in front of the store and that park is eligle and lot of traffic. I have to pay $120 with the bag not in the good condition. very disappointed with the service and she shouldn't say that next time i should buy full price!! what can i say??:crybaby:
  10. That's a very rude SA LoveCC, sorry about it.
  11. Thanks Steffibp.. but she is not the SA , she is only the person who work for Chanel repair department.
  12. if they damage the bag... they ought to do something about it...
    it's not right to change the colour of the bag and expect the consumer to take it as it is.....
    hope you get it all sorted out =)
    biggest hugs!!
  13. Ah, I wish I had one of those, mine was just an SA from the boutique....
  14. Sorry to hear that! I would be adamant that they either replace or fix the bag back to *at least* it's original color. How scary. I hope I never have to send a bag back to Chanel for repair, because who knows what you'll get back.
  15. This is disheartening news. I've always given them a thumbs up on repair, but as Bob Dylan once sang, "the times they are a'changin." I'd talk to a manager and then to corporate. Take pics of the bag and enclose it with the letter to corporate. I suppose one can refuse to pay for a shoddy repair but then what?