What to do if Bbag not as described on ebay?

  1. So sad and angry...I bought an 06 caramel day on eBay, which the seller claimed she "wore only 5 times and is in FANTASTIC condition." Well, I got the bag and it is awful! The handle is filthy and there's a bad scuff on the front bottom of the bag right on a seam, so the thread is gone right there too. The pictures nor the description did not accurately capture what was wrong with the bag.

    I don't know what to do at this point b/c I paid her by certified check, since I was having paypal issues. Can I do anything? I asked her to at least pay for LMB cleaning and repair, but she'll only give me $50. I paid $780 for a crap bag.

    Here's the link to see for yourself:
    eBay: 100% AUTHENTIC Balenciaga Le Dix Hobo Motorcycle Bag NR (item 110096018261 end time Mar-02-07 17:02:08 PST)

    I appreciate any advice.
  2. I'm so sorry - that's really :cursing:. Unfortunately, since you paid with a method other than Paypal, I don't think there is much you can do at this point. eBay only offers buyer protection if you use Paypal, so they probably won't do anything. You could threaten to turn her into eBay anyway for selling an item way different than described, which could affect her account standing, unless she lets you return the bag.
  3. Yes, even though you haven't got the Paypal dispute option, you can still pursue a dispute with Ebay which I think has to be worth it. How horrible for you - I am so sorry your exciting purchase turned out like this.
  4. for THAT much for a used beat up bag....you better believe i would be disputing!!!!
  5. Oh no... opening the dispute may lead to a better settlement or that she offers a return.
  6. try to ask the seller first if u can return the bag
  7. Thanks for the help and encouragement! I've filed my complaint and hope for the best. :smile:
  8. NEVER buy with a MO or certified check unless you KNOW the seller. Always use a credit card. That "problem" with paypal sounds to coincidental.

  9. Yes and leave her a negative, clearly stating what has happened, ASAP. :yes:

    She may decide to refund you in the hope of you withdrawing it (which you shouldn't do!).

    Please let us know how you get on. :biggrin: