what to do? help !!!!!!!

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  1. o.k here goes i think i want another goyard but heres the thing im not sure if i want a pink or white st louis GM , what to DO help me out please !!!!!!!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. tough choice, the pink is an LE, but the white is so so classic and timeless...i'd worry about getting tired of a pink bag....not that it's not gorgy, but is it timeless and or will your tastes change???
  3. i'd love the pink myself....if you can find it... as it was LE....
    tough choice but i choose PINK!!!:biggrin:
  4. I'd choose pink over white!
  5. I'd go for the white, mostly because I'm not a fan of pink for myself. I think that white would go with more outfits, and it would be much easier to find than the pink, which was LE as mentioned.

    Let us know what you decide!
  6. white for me!!!
  7. If you are using it for travel get pink, if not then white.
  8. white is more versatile than pink. but pink is more unique i guess and its harder to find
  9. I love my white St. Louis, so I vote for that. Plus, I don't know how easy it will be to find one in pink.
  10. PINK! i love mine have been using it everyday since i got it!
  11. LV LOVee truly i mean i have an offer for one but do you have action pics i truly can not make up my mind thankyou in advance
  12. ya look at the thread that says first reveal and first goyard at the second page i added modeling pics
  13. White....getting mine personalized in SF on Monday...and I love this bag....want the black on black next....but waitint to see it tomorrow...
  14. ryrybaby12, how long does it take SF to personalize the bag?
  15. I have white and love it. As others said pink is hard to find especially in GM