What to do?!?! Help!

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  1. Ok ladies....

    As posted in another thread, the miami heat bag has been changed to have contrast trim (not real sure where they're going to put it???) and I'm super duper sad! :sad:

    I have a dandelion baby daddy in dandelion with dark brown trim and am not that fond of it... I ordered the MH in lemon drop because I was thinking YAY! A yellow bag with no contrast trim and silver hardware! :crybaby:

    So, now I don't know what to do!? Do I cancel my preorder? Do I try it out and see how I like it?

    If I cancel it/return it... what else should I get instead?!?!?!:confused1: I'm realllllllly loving blue hawaiian, green apple, caramel and berry blue!
  2. I would definitely cancel the preorder if you do not want contrasting trim. I would assume that like changes with the Bridezilla the straps might contrast, along with the piece that goes around the front zipper. This is a style that I liked monochromatic as well. As for another bag, you have so many color options that are so beautiful this Spring. I say wait until people's bags start rolling in and make your decision then!
  3. Until you actually see what the bag looks like it's hard to say. There's nothing to say you won't love the contrast trim! If you pre-ordered the bag through a reputable e-retailer you should be okay with a return or exchange. There's plenty of other terrific bags and colors to choose from should you not like the contrast trim on the MH. :yes:
  4. I think I would cancel. If the whole point of getting it was because it was monochromatic and that's not what you're going to get then I think you will be disppointed. Just my $.02.
  5. Why do they always do this? I was so excited for the Bridezilla last year and I also really loved the MH because it was one color. I say cancel the preorder and get something else.
  6. If you don't care for the contrast trim on your current yellow bag, you probably won't like it on this one either. Just my thought...
  7. Ok soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I think I'm just in denial about the contrast trim and am hoping the lemon drop doesn't have it even though the plum jelly will... *sigh* but yall are probably right... cancel the preorder and accept the fact that it will actually have contrast trim.........boo hoo! :sad:
  8. I don't like alot of Contrast Trim on my bags either which is why I like the Women Unite as it is one of the bags with least contrast trim. I prefer monochromatic bags myself that are not too busy. I love color but I like for the color to stand out on it's own without too much other distraction.
    I would wait until the bags start rolling in and get something else if not from Tano than another bag maker.
  9. I'm seriously jonesin for some teal from the later summer/early fall collection... I love so many of the spring colors right now too though lol... gah, decisions decisions!

    Thanks for your input everyone! If you have more, please don't hesitate to say it!
  10. Cancel and get something you love. There are so many nice bags for spring. It's hard to pick
  11. I looked back at the MH on MHB....... I can't for the life of me figure out where contrast trim would go.........:shrugs: ... the piping around the pocket maybe?

  12. Voo, when I look at the bag I picture the contrast trim lining the pocket and the outline of the zipper. The handles might also be contrasting leather. Such a bummer. I say cancel too, TK. Definitely go with something else if you don't care for contrast trim on the yellow.
  13. TK!!!!!!! I think she looks sharp!!!!!! I love love love the pleats!

    (Photo credit MHB)
  14. ^^ I totally don't like it at all, and I know I would like it even less in yellow with brown trim.... thus, I cancelled my preorder :crybaby:

    However, I'm TOTALLY eyeing up a pineapple minilisa on MHB for $164!!!!!!!! What do ya think!? Monochromatic, slouchy, yellow, silver hardware, HMMMM!!!!!
  15. ^^At that price? Are you kidding....go for it!