What to do??? Help with my Scarf Delimma ??

  1. OK... Here's the skinny.

    I ordered the scarf... they lost the scarf somehow or it could still be in the store and they can't find it. The guy who packs up the stuff for them doesn't work for them anymore so they can't ask him where it went :wtf:... They insist they didn't sell it to anyone else. There are no more of this scarf anywhere. They are calling stores across the country. I'm sad.

    They are offering me a refund plus another $68 dollar item to replace it. Should I take it or insist that they find my scarf? I don't know what to do.... I really wanted that one. :crybaby:
  2. you should ask them to try and find it, if not, then you should go ahead and take the refund and the $68 item. they don't usually do a buy one get one free deal.
  3. Oh no! It does sound like they are trying to find it (or another one for you)... If they insist they didn't sell it to anyone else, it is probably there somewhere, right? I would give it a little bit of time and then if they dont find it take their deal... they probably just offered it in case you were one of those people that wanted an immediate solution. But if you would rather wait, they might be able to track it down.
  4. I agree... I would wait to see if they can track it down and if not take the deal they gave you.
  5. I say take the deal, maybe you will get another one later
  6. Which scarf is it you are looking for??
  7. I think you should take the deal too. Maybe one will pop up on eBay??!!
  8. WOHOO!!!!!!! :yahoo::woohoo: they found my scarf and they are overnighting it to me!! YAY!!!!!!! :wlae::happydance:
  9. NO DEAL then eh?

    yay! congrats! which scarf was this?
  10. Congratulations. I'm glad they found your scarf! Which one did you order? Take pictures!
  11. Ask them to try and locate one and if they dont take the refund and the gift. Its better than no scarf at all. Is this the Bleecker Shop Scarf?
  12. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!! Cannot wait until you post pics of this!!! :yes::yahoo:
  13. so happy for you!! i'm sure that you are ecstatic! :woohoo:
  14. Yes, it's the illusive Bleecker Street Shop Scarf!!! There are like none at all anywhere, :nuts:

    So, no.. I didn't get anything for free but I got my scarf. I was actually REALLY surprised that they even offered that deal to me. I wasn't even getting irate with them.. I didn't ask to be compensated in any way.. I was just practically begging them to keep looking for it.

    They found it stashed away with a note on it that saying I did a charge and that I would PICK IT UP! Um, no I live in Texas people.. I am not going to fly to NY to pick it up :rolleyes:

    I am just happy it was found!
  15. wow...that is a bit of a trip to get a scarf..lol