what to do? Help me out...

  1. I have bags waiting for me at the outlet. I called and they will hold on to them tonight and she said they will put them out for sale in the morning.

    Should I go tonight or wait until the morning??

    It's a 2.5 to 3 hour drive. 1 plus for me doing it tonight is that I won't spend my whole day driving tomorrow.. Downside is I have to leave in the next 30 minutes or so.. and It will be night, of course... and I wont be home until like midnight:rolleyes:

    If I go tomorrow the bags may be gone... unless I can make sure I am walking in there the minute they open!!!

    what would you do???
  2. go tonight....then you can spend the day tomorrow admiring your new bags!!!:tup:
  3. GO GO GO!!!!! :tup: :woohoo::angel:
  4. Leave Now!!!!!
  5. go go go girl!!!!!:woohoo:
  6. I'd call the outlet back and ask them to definitely hold the bags for you through tomorrow morning/noon. That way you're not stressed out about the situation this evening and have to worry about driving home at such a late hour.
  7. so you can post picture tomorrow hehe
  8. I'd go.

    I'm crazy like that. If I want it...I'd go get it.
  9. I would also call and explain and ask them to hold til tomorrow afternoon.. otherwise I would be gone already! You don't want to drive all that way and have not bags for you at all! :tdown:
  10. shoo, go, now!!!
  11. ok. I'm outta here!!! It's 5:28!! I hope there is no traffic once I hit Austin, or I may just bypass Austin and go through bastrop and all that.. but I will post when I get back!!

  12. Good luck, Tara! Drive carefully!
  13. I'm glad I live only 20 minutes away from 2 different outlets!
  14. woohoo! let us know when you get back! :yahoo:
  15. GO!

    One Saturday I drove to one outlet that is 50 minutes away and then drove another hour and 45 minutes to go to another. The trip back home took 2 and a half hours, but I got a lot of good stuff.

    Did you see if you could give them a credit card to allow you to go tomorrow as a credit card hold?