What to do? Got an offer from one job b4 the other....

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  1. I'm in a dilemma. I had an interview at Sephora on Thursday. On Friday I e-mail my resume for a job as admin coordinator at a brand representation agency. They haven't responded back yet because it was the weekend but I JUST got a call from Sephora saying I've been hired. I told the girl I would give her a response in 24 hours because I needed to work out some scheduling issues (she didn't sound pleased at all....but they can't exactly reneg just because I didn't want to accept on the spot, right?).

    The other job is just for admin but i haven't done an admin position before so it would give me experience in that area. Plus, it could open up some opportunities. I'm not sure about the pay. I think it'll be on par with Sephora or less with no benefits.

    The Sephora job is part-time with the benefit of discounts, freebies, etc., it's much closer to home, and would be relatively flexible.

    So the problem is.....

    If I apply to Sephora, how do I tell the other company before they've even had a chance to respond to me, that I'm not taking it without seeming really unprofessional? (My professor actually recommended me...the person is actually a close family friend of his)

    Or....should I risk it by passing on Sephora when the other job isn't a sure thing? I mean, it could be the most amazing thing ever but then again...it could be really bad.

  2. If you take the Sephora position and the other company calls, you will not at all sound unprofessional telling them that you have accepted a position with a different company. This happens all the time and is no big deal. I've done this before with no problems and it has happened at almost every company I've been at when weve had various openings.

    You could accept the Sephora position and then if you get the other job you could resign from Sephora letting them know that you were interviewing with this other company at the same time you were interviewing with them and that unfortunately the timing of the offers was not great. This is not the greatest solution but it does happen all the time in the business world, particularly when you are interviewing for a number of positions at the same time. I know several people who have accepted one position and then left shortly thereafter as they accepted another position they applied for at the same time.

    Almost all companies have a probationary period wherein you or they can terminate without reason or notice (though I'd still give notice).

    Be aware though, that this may burn your bridges with Sephora.
  3. I'd call the other company (or ask your professor for advice, since he knows people there) and tell them you've received a job offer from another company (you don't need to provide specifics), and that they're giving you until the end of the day (that's it, right?) to respond. Tell them you would much prefer to work there, but you obviously feel in a bind because you need a job. This happens all the time. Alternately, you can just quit from Sephora if you end up getting a job with the other company. It's not like Sephora is a small business- this happens to them all the time, I'm sure.

    Also, Sephora can reneg on its offer anytime before you accept it. I doubt they'll do this, because that would be pretty unprofessional, but just FYI.
  4. ^ oh, i didn't know that. i thought it was illegal to make an offer and just reneg on it (at least here in ontario, canada). maybe i'm wrong.

    anyways, thank you girls for the advice. turns out i actually don't have to worry because i called back to say i had "worked out my scheduling but would like more details about the job before accepting". the girl was pretty unprofessional, telling me ummmm, it's part-time. did she really think i would accept without knowing when i'm starting and most importantly, how much i'd be paid?? so i asked specifically and it would be a cut in pay AND less than their current employees make.

    hopefully the other company calls me back! :smile: