What to do? Cranky buyer...

  1. I sold some face cream in early Dec.
    I sold about 20 of these - some are taking forever to get to the States and others take about a week.

    I sold one on Dec. 18 and today (that's just over 2 weeks) I get this email:

    "I still have not recieved this item, this is getting to me. I would hope to get a refund, as I am tired of waiting for this item"

    Now, I fully understand that it is frustrating that Canada post takes so long. Especially since she orderd right before Christmas it's going to be extra long.

    That's also why I have this in my listings:

    Please Note
    I cannot control the postal service as I am not that powerful - I am Canadian - we are known for being polite and enjoying beer - not for our telekinetic abilities. Sometimes your package will get held up in customs which I have no ability to control no matter how hard I squeeze my eyes shut and concentrate.

    So my question is -- what do I do now?

    With shipping that's about $23 I could refund her the money but the cream is almost to her now. I know that that's not a lot of money but....

    So she gets her money back and free cream all for being rude?

    I've had others ask about their shipment - nicely - and I have always apologized profusly and also sent them something else too - but this ebayer is just being rude.

    Aaargh - what to do, what to do?
    Thanks =)
  2. I hate canada post~!! But I totally understand it is not your fault or any Canadian's fault. Also since you are sending it to the US, isn't it US custom that is holding it up? I don't like custom in any country but know they are necessary.

    You should tell her you can refund her shipping just because you are nice not because you are reponsible for the delay. I don't think you should refund her the total.

    Good Luck!
  3. Thanks, that's a good idea - I'll offer her a partial refund =)
    I should also mention I made a profit of $1 off the cream. It's not available in the States so I was pretty much just doing it to get it out there - but now I realize that the hassle isn't worth it =(
  4. Thats only just over two weeks - less when you take the holidays into account. International shipments often take that long. I'd tell the buyer to wait at least another week.
  5. While she was a bit short in her message, most people (including me) don't know it takes that long to arrive from Canada. I personally think your response was not really called for.
  6. I wouldn't offer a refund just yet. I've ordered stuff from eBay that took a month to get from Canada to the U.S. (and was opened and re-taped shut by customs), so it's not your fault! Add that to the fact that it's the holidays, the post offices have been swamped, and there have been a lot of people on vacation for Christmas and New Years...and I don't think two weeks is really that long.

    I'd ask her to please hold on for at least another week, for the reasons listed above. If it doesn't arrive by then, ask her to contact you again, and you can look into it for her (perhaps by calling the post office and asking about it).

    Unrealistic buyer expectations are no reason for you to have to give a refund and take a loss--you mentioned the item was shipping from Canada, and she bid on the item and agreed to that! Next time, hopefully she'll be more careful about bidding on Canadian or overseas items because she will know from experience (as I do!) that it just takes longer.
  7. I haven't responded yet :nogood:

    Maybe you are thinking of the part where I said I cannot control customs? That is actually in the listing that the customer reads before purchase.
  8. I don't see that she sent a response, uncalled for or not. I see that she has a disclaimer in her listings.
  9. Oops sniped:smile:

    I think that your customer forgot to read the listing before purchase. Personally I don't give partial refunds for nearly any reason. Especially if the customer was rude. To me asking for a partial refund is like asking for a discount after the auction, which is just more rudeness, since the customer sets the price they are willing to pay on eBay.

    I would tell her politely that while you are sorry it is taking so long, you cannot file a lost mail report until 3 days have passed, and that it is not unusual for an item to take a long time internationally.
  10. So sorry. :flowers: I misread and thought you put that in a response. Well it's fair game if it's in your listing.
  11. I wouldn't give her a partial refund either, it's not your fault that Canada Post is taking so long, and with the holidays it's what can be expected. I'd send the buyer a polite email explaining that you've already shipped the package out (on xx.xx.2007) and since it's already on its way to her, and no longer in your possession, you cannot refund her. Then tell her to please wait a few more days/a week/ and to contact you if she doesn't receive it by then. :flowers:
  12. I wouldn't give her a partial refund either.... I think that you clearly defined what to expect - even in a pretty humorous manner!

    Just out of curiosity, do you get a tracking number when you send out things? My step-mom advised me to always do that. That way, you can prove to eBay that you did ship the item out and that it did arrive (when it does eventually arrive) and that is all that you are responsible for. I don't know how correct she actually is on that, but she does conduct her business off of eBay so I assume that she knows what she is talking about.
  13. I dun see why you have to refund her the shipping fee!

    She would just have to take it in good faith that its the postal service that is at fault, and not you personally.

    Next time, perhaps you can let them choose to have it shipped overnight for a more expensive fee, or to ship the normal unreliable way but have it cheaper.:flowers:
  14. Thanks everyone - I sent her this message:

    I'm so sorry it's taking so long to get to you. Unfortunatly it was sent out right before Christmas - so besides the post office being extra busy this time of year they were also closed on Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's and of course weekends. I sent it right out after you ordered so I am sure it will be there soon.
    Just give it a little more time. Thanks =)

  15. To get a tracking number I have to send it a different way and that costs double wht it does without one - Canada Post prices are ridiculous. I get a tracking number on expensive items but I didn't on this =(