What to do? Buyer lives in Iceland, asked to ship to NY hotel in September???

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  1. Hi guys. I have an item up for auction currently that is going for $250+. It will probably go for more, but I'm not sure. Anyways, the current bidder e-mailed me to ask before auction end if it was ok with me to ship to a New York hotel address where she will be vacationing in September. Normally, this would be A NO as I ONLY ship to a Paypal confirmed address, but this bidder also lives in Iceland to begin with. I don't like dealing w/ international bidders b/c of the lack of protection, but it opens up the market, especially for the things I sell, all high end designer.

    She only wanted this b/c she was concerned about paying duties, but I e-mailed her back saying I could not, but that I would mark "gift" on the customs form.

    So, my question is what would you do? I'm not going to be covered either way, right because no countries other than the US, the UK, and Canada are eligible for seller protection?

    Basically, I'm hoping a person from one of those countries wins my auction, BUT that may not happen. lol So, what do you do to prevent a chargeback or false claim from somebody living overseas? Is there anything you can do? I called Paypal, but they just referred me to their website. I understand how to prevent this with buyers from the US, UK, and Canada, but I'm completely confused otherwise. Is sending it overseas insured and via Registered Mail enough?

    Sorry for the multiple questions, but I just figured I would ask all of my questions now. Thanks in advance!
  2. I post out high end items internationaly all the time with no probs but always make sure i go for registerered post with signature. And send to the paypal address. Make sure there paypal and eBay address match print them out and keep them for reference in the future. If you send it to a hotel whoever is on reception will sign for it so that is quite a risky method!
  3. ^^^Thanks. I was going to do all you said, but Paypal doesn't cover you should anything happen do they for overseas buyers? Or would they since you sent to the address listed on both eBay and Paypal and also via Registered Mail with signature?

    This is where I get confused. lol
  4. I won't do the whole hotel issue.
  5. no to the hotel and no to marking it as a gift. if she says she didn't get it you can only claim what you marked it as not as the amount she paid. if she wants it she'll pay customs. end of story.
  6. I'd say no to the hotel - too risky. Did you specify where you shipped to in your listing? If not, then she should have asked you first before bidding or she should have asked if you would agree to alternate arrangements before bidding.
    I live in Canada and always ask before bidding.
  7. ^Same here. I'd be REALLY wary of shipping the thing to a hotel.
  8. I would say no to the hotel (especially since if you ship it in September you might fall outside the shipping dates mandated under the PP policy ANYWAY), but also I definitely would not mark the item as a gift for customs. This is one of my personal issues, I realize, but I'm just not willing to break the law to save a stranger some money. I know that plenty of sellers do it all the time and do it to be nice, but I personally just don't feel comfortable with it.
  9. Paypal will only give you buyer protection in the countries you listed. anywhere else you have absolutely no protection no matter how you send your item. I would only sell to a country other than the ones you list if the buyer paid by wire transfer or international money order.
  10. I wouldnt send it anyplace except her address on file with PayPal. In fact, I would block her immediately and not go thru with it if she insists you ship to any other address. PayPal wont even acknowledge you in the least if a claim should be filed. Sounds like a fraud issue waiting to happen.
  11. I would also block her and NOT ship to hotel....too risky......
  12. Thanks all. I was never going to ship it to the hotel, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being rotten for not doing so considering I'm not covered sending it to Iceland anyways.

    She only had 9 feedback too. 100%, but if she had much more feedback I would have been more comfortable having her as a buyer. I guess I might just limit my customers to US, UK, and Canada from now on. It's unfortunate since there are many honest international buyers, but the bad ones ruin it.

    Luckily, a nice girl from NYC just won my shoes and already paid with a confirmed addy so no worries on this transaction. :tup:

    Thanks for clearing up some other questions I had too! I really appreciate it as I don't sell too often. ;)
  13. Also, when you block somebody, what does it say to the buyer when they try to bid? LOL