What to do? Buyer hasn't received item

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  1. I shipped an item through paypal shipping via USPS with deliv. Conf. on 4/3 the item still hasn't arrived and they buyer is getting impatient. The tracking just says electronic notification of shipping and was last updated on 4/3 .Ideas of what to do?
  2. Sometimes priority can take up to 14 days if I remember correctly. Just keep checking and stay in contact with the buyer to let her know you're concerned.
  3. I told her we should try and be patient although frustrating and hope it comes by the end of the week. It was going from NY to Ohio first class so it could take longer then we think right?
  4. Oh yeah! I hope that you got delivery confirmation or signature confirmation if it's over 250.00
  5. Did you say sometimes Priority does take 14 days to get to the destination? I thought they said 2-3 day priority, and it's guarantee.
  6. Priority mail does not have guaranteed delivery date, only express mail does. Typically, it does take only 2-3 days, but occasionally it can take longer.
  7. IIRC priority *can*take up to 10 business days(not including weekends) and it still not be considered late.
  8. This happened to me once. I think it took almost 2 weeks for them to receive the package. Did you have a return address on it?
  9. definitely answer all her emails and suggest she inquire her local post office and that you'll do the same if the item hasn't arrived by **some date you think is reasonable**.

    This has happened to me more than once and I've never gotten neg. FB.

    GL, i'm sure it'll get there soon
  10. Yes, had a return address. USed the automated shipping system through paypal so it was a preprinted label with all the relevant info. Also had delivery confirmation. It was sent first class and was only a $9 item.
  11. Hopefully it will get there soon. I have a buddy in Ky (I live in Mi) and even when I send her things priority mail it takes 6 business days for her to get it. If it was sent regular, first class, two weeks is possible especially at tax season.
  12. Stay in touch with your buyer. That's the most important thing. It's probably late due to tax season, as everyone else has suggested. I recently purchased a fairly expensive (to me, at least) Chanel bag from NYC, it was shipped priority mail and it never arrived (still hasn't - 5 weeks later!). The seller did not insure this handbag, so they are out $1500. They refunded my money without a problem, but tell me that the Post Office has been absolutely no help to them at all. Please ladies, insure your items even if they are covered by PayPal Seller Protection. I personally could not afford to take that kind of financial hit. Best of luck and let us know what happens......