what to do, bad e-check

  1. so, this girl did a BIN on a $300 bag at the end of may, did echeck immediately but the first one didn't clear and just got extendeed, june 14, the echeck was cancelled, so i emailed her a few times with no response, then i emailed saying if i didn't get some info within 24 hours, i would report her as NPB, gave her two days then reported her, she did another e-check in papypal, without checking out through eBay which was supposed to clear today but it just got extended to july.
    do you think she doesn't want the item and doesn't want to pay for it? she bought a $200 bag june 11, and paid for it according to FB. :confused1:
  2. Sounds like she's stringing you along. That's why I do not accept eChecks. I would email her immediately and tell her to either send you a payment via credit card or Paypal funds. At this rate, the eCheck may never clear. Ridiculous!
  3. that happened top me. but her payment cleared eventually. just don't send the bag out until it does.
  4. Tell her to pay you thru Paypal within 24-28 hours. If she does not pay, file a NPB report asap. That's so lame!
  5. I don't know much about echecks but this sounds too long and difficult to me - if I want a bag, I make sure payment is made! Seriously, I think you have been both patient and fair - she has had warning and now is time to put an end to this nonsense.
  6. As Aloha said. I had the exact same issue. Person finally pd with PP.
  7. I had this happen to me once with a high end purse- hmmm, I wonder if its the same person. It never ended up clearing and the buyer never paid. She didn't give a good explanation as to her situation, I figured she hoped I would ship it out while it was "clearing". It was a painnnn.
  8. do what feels right. if you have no compassion for the current situation, ie you don't feel its legit, npb her. give it time if you think this might sell to her and you want to wait.
  9. I had this happen to me before. I NPBed and left negative feedback!
  10. i once had a bad experience with echeck. unknowingly i linked paypal to my savings account without realizing there was a maximum # of times you can withdraw from your savings.... maybe she made a similar mistake?
  11. she has feedback of 20 with three transactions showing in the last two months. should i just wait it out or relist? she doesn't respond to emails. thanks again
  12. nah, i couldn't be doing with all that waiting business, i would relist, she bought it at the end of may and you won't get your money till july if at all ?? this is not right !
  13. relist.
  14. Why do these people bid on things if they can't pay? I don't go to stores and say, "I really like this. Hold it for me and in a week or a month, I'll pay you for it, I promise." Reminds me of Popeye and the "I'll pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today!" (Did I just date myself? LOL!)
  15. I would just go ahead an relist you have been dealing with this since may and now you have to wait until JULY? I say move on to the next bidder