What to do and where to go in Philly?

  1. My boyfriend and I are going to Philly this weekend and I've never been there before so I really don't know what to expect. We're going to be there for 4 days and 3 nights. We definitely want to go to the art museum but other than that we don't really have any plans. Any suggestion of what to do or where to go (shopping, restaurants, etc.) would be great. TIA!:heart:
  2. Oooh, I could go on and on about this :rolleyes:

    You have to go to Walnut Street for shopping in Center City. If you have a car, you can drive about 20 minutes outside of the city to the famous King of Prussia Mall.

    You can also walk down to Rittenhouse Square after shopping on Walnut Street, where there's this restaurant called Rouge that was on Oprah's list of top 10 burgers in the US (they have a very decadent Baked Mac and Cheese too).

    The place to hang out on thurs, fri, and sat nights is "Old City". It's a neighborhood in the historical part of town that is full of bars and restaurants. It's been a year since I moved back to California, but some of the hot spots while I was there were: Continental, Cuba Libre, Bleu Martini, and 32 Degrees.

    Some other cool restaurants in the city are El Vez (hip Mexican food), Vintage (trendy wine bar), Buddakan (Asian fusion), Brasserie Perrier (French), Morimoto (Iron Chef Japanese), Continental in mid-town (American comfort food with a twist, and retro decor).

    Then there's the traditional historical stuff: Independence Hall, Betsey Ross House, Benjamin Franklin's grave (you're supposed to throw a penny on his grave for good luck).
  3. AWE!Ill be in Aruba......other wise Id show ya around!LOL! Im only 20 mins from Philly.You MUSt go to K of P mall....there are some cute little restaurants..Jillybean and I love Swanky Bubbles.(AWESOME martinis and the best food ever!!!)there is a Dave and Busters on Penns Landing as well as tons of other cool places..I love Penns landing in the summer..too cold in winter..LOL
    If you want to shop in the city..Go to Joan Shepp..Really cool designer stuff.
    Expensive restaurants are the Fountain........cool hip place where you can wear jeans and a blouse is more like Swanky Bubbles.Feel freee to PM me with any questions!
    The NJ state aquarium is right there too..totally cool there ..they have a ferry that runs from Philly to it..not sure if it runs in the winter though
  4. There's so much to do in Philly, especially foodwise (we're a big eating city LOL). Right now the King Tut exhibit is at the Franklin Institute. We're the last stop in the U.S. I was there two weekends ago, it's very cool & definitely worth seeing.

    There's a lot of cute stores on Walnut Street- Joan Shepp, Knit Wit, Coach, Burberry, Urban Outfitters, Tiffanys, Anthropologie, etc. I work on Walnut, it's definitely a fun street to walk along. You can also take a trip out to the King of Prussia Mall which is about a half hour away & definitely worth the trip!!

    If you want to do the typical historical stuff, check out the Liberty Bell. It's free & should only take like 20 minutes so long as there's not a long line. Independence Hall & the Constitution Center are right there too. Ben Franklin's old house is in the area as well.

    As for food, I feel like every 20 feet in Philly there's a knockout restaurant. As Jill said, we're big fans of Swanky Bubbles, the champagne bar/Asian fusion place. It's fun & the food is really good (get the chocolate fondue!). There's the famous Stripped Bass where part of The Sixth Sense was filmed. For a super expensive meal there's always Le Bec Fin. For smaller funkier places, my coworkers & I love Copa's. It's a burger joint & margarita bar with dozens of varieties of both burgers and margaritas. There's one on South Street & right in Center City on 15th and Locust. Astral Plane is awesome for Sunday brunch.

    If you want to venture out of center city, Manayunk is the fun/trendy/college student area in Philly. It's a stip of stores, restaurants and bars. It's a lot of fun in warm weather when you can walk around & city outside & people watch. When I meet up with friends, that's usually where we end up.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. I'm in Philly all day Saturday, so if you need any help, let me know!
  5. Theres a great cuban restaurant called Cuba Libre...check it out.

    Enjoy and have fun!
  6. I thought the Mutter Museum was pretty cool, but it's not for everyone.
  7. Mutter Museum--"Medical Oddities Museum" :wtf:. They have like the gallstones of a dead president, preserved fetus of conjoined twins, etc. I always wanted to go, but never made it there.

    I agree with Swanky Bubbles too! They have a cool drink menu, and I loved their Sea Bass.

    Awww, I just went in December and now I want to plan my next trip back! :heart:
  8. Thank you everyone. I'll put Mutter Museum on the list.
    So many places to go eat, so little time. I'll make sure to swing by Swanky Bubbles. Do they have a good selection for a vegetarian like me?
  9. ^TOTALLY,Swanky has everything.....
  10. If you got to KofP, remember there are 2 Malls right next to each other, connected by a walkway. Lots of upscale stores.

    There are the Reading Outlets if you are looking for a day trip (Vanity Fair).

    I am not artsy so I can't help with that end.

    If it's nice, Fairmount Park - walking trails along the river.

    Italian Restaurant ($$$$$) - the Saloon - dressy and expensive.

    Make sure you get a cheesesteak or a hoagie and some pretzels. Cheesecake too!
  11. DEFINITELY GO TO MORIMOTO'S! It's worth the few hundred dollars for dinner, great sushi!
  12. Hey Noshoepolish, my boyfriend lives in Collegeville!

  13. Hehe.. I have to pass up cheesesteak because I don't eat meat.