What to do against little scars in the face?

  1. Hey, anyone s got an idea what to do against little scars in the face area ( like those which came from spots,blackheads...)?
    would be happy getting some answers.
  2. Look for a thread called "The Organic Pharmacy" here. I did a review on a product that helps.
  3. mederma & neosporin are good
  4. thanks just found the thread!
    does anyone know how effective mederma is? and does it any harm to your skin if it is that strong?

  5. i like plain ol' vitamin E oil. works wonders on scarring!
  6. Which brand/type do you get? And you just rub it onto the scars? I wanna try~!
  7. is it just vitamin oil? i didnt get that!
  8. microdermabrasion i really dont think i spelled that right....merle norman also has a derma peel tratment with 10% glycolic acid and it exfoliates and gets the skin off
  9. I buy my Vitamin E oil from health food shops. It ordinarily comes in either capsule or bottled form. I buy the capsules as I also take them orally as a suppliment; however, it is far easier to use it from a bottle.

    The Body Shop definitely sell Vitamin E oil, but it's far more expensive (and smells much worse) than the health food stuff.

    And yes, Vitamin E oil is basically pure Vitamin E and an oil in which it has dissolved. I'd recommend those which use soya bean oil as they smell nicer.