What to do after paying for a possible fake?

  1. Hello. I hope this isn't considered a duplicate post because I did post in the Coach authenticate this thread but now I'm convinced that the bag is fake so don't need authentication any longer. Now I need to know what to do if I believe the bag is fake. The seller has responded with these answers but I'm not getting a picture of the receipt or the price tag hanging off the bag. I got this response after asking for pictures of the white price tag and receipt:

    I buy the bags in bulk and therefore a single receipt for this bag is
    not available. I have attached a picture of the tags control number
    that corresponds to the number inside the bag. Will be shipping
    Monday. Thanks.

    I got this response after I asked for a picture of the white price tag a 2nd time. The only way to tell this bag may indeed be fake from pictures is to see a copy of the white price tag. It does not match the real bag's description.

    I will be happy to take another picture of the white tag as well as the "Coach" leather tag hanging from the bag. Just some info on Coach, bags that are fake don't have "leather" tag or trim on them and the coach words on the leather tag are not raised on the fakes, also, I have never seen a fake that the corresponded number ever matches the number on the bag. Also, fake bags do not come with registration cards to Jacksonville FL either. I know "fakes" vs 'real" myself and I would not carry a fake myself let alone sell one! If this was a replica I would say so , what you see is what you will recieve. I promise you will not be dissappointed.

    Am I just being paranoid? I'm not getting what I asked for and the information I am getting does not indicate that the bag is not a fake. These fakes have gotten so good that the creed patch matches the real one so that's not even an indication of real any more. What should I do now? They are going to send it out Monday. I can't have this bag authenticated anywhere because Coach doesn't do that and I live 4 hours from a boutique. Can I do a chargeback or cancel my payment and explain why to paypal? If they'd send me the information I'm seeking I'd feel better but I feel like this is stalling. Thanks for your opinions.
  2. Disregard! Item is fake IMHO and the seller has refunded my payment! I am so grateful for everything I've learned from all my wonderful purse loving friends!