What to do about two Jumbos? Dilemma

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  1. When I got back into Chanel last year I went a little crazy over all the new colours, especially Spring/Summer where I bought the red and blue lambskin jumbos with matte gold hardware. So my dilemma now is do I let them go? I have hardly used either (the red 2x, the blue 1x) since buying them. I think the combination of size and leather doesn't suit my lifestyle even though I love the colours and the hardware. Sigh. :cry:

    Do you think I would regret selling them? Here are pics for reference.

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  2. If they truly don't suit your lifestyle and you've hardly used them, they would sadly only collect dust in your closet, I think you won't regret letting go bc you'd prob use the funds towards something more your taste that would get more use....but that's just me....
  3. No.... the colours are lovely. and someday u might just find yourself looking for a red/blue bag to match your outfit. Now that u have them, they will be in good use when u need them.

    i hardly use my blue jumbo too (or should i say i have not used), but it's definitely a keeper!
  4. Agree that you won't miss them if they don't suit your lifestyle. You should keep the bag(s) only if you will really enjoy it! Perhaps just keep one?

    Btw, the red one is to die for! Is matte gold hardware available for all classics?
  5. I agree with tally. Maybe keep one?
  6. Maybe give them another year and see? Spring and summer are coming and you know how crazy we are in the 2014 Spring and Summer thread!
  7. I kinda agree with calflu. Keep them for a bit and see, maybe it might work...if not then sell one of them. :smile: Both are beautiful colors.
  8. I would keep one that you would wear more GL :smile:
  9. What size you prefer and what leather?
    Your Red is to die for, I bought this in rectangular mini for dinners and it worked perfectly since red was bright and HW was Matt gold. If I had gotten another jumbo in Red I think I would regret it due to size is not practical for dinner parties. Lambskin is not that delicate, I'm not the one to baby my bags but I got the fear out of my head and now I truly enjoy them. If this is a color you truly love you may not find it again. Think about it for another 3 months and if you haven't used it at least for occasional wear then I would say sell it. It's been almost a year since last spring and if you haven't used them yet then chances are you may not!
  10. That's a pity that you did not manage to use those gorgeous babies!!! I love jumbos and your colors are to die for, so I would say keep :smile: but then again if you don't think you are passionate enough about them to keep them then you should let them go and get bag(s) you would really love and most of all use a lot more than just once or twice per year :P
  11. That blue is too beautiful to let go!!
    But since you already have so many beautiful reds maybe you can let this one go...
  12. I would let go if you dont use them. I did a massive clear out of my chanel bags last year. Some were favourites but i stopped using and some I never used at all. i still miss my patent black mini - it was so pretty. So heartbreaking but i eneded up using the funds to buy me a M/L :smile:
  13. +1
  14. My inner voice is screaming Nooooooooo don't sell them!!!
    They're too beautiful Nico, especially that blue!! But if your not using them then what's the point of keeping them around. I agree with the other posters that maybe you should try and sell one first and see how you feel about it after before selling the other.
    These colors in lamb are so vibrant not to use.
  15. If it were me, I would not let those babies go. I've been looking for the blue but have not been able to get my hands on one. However, if you are one of those that uses all your bags frequently, then I guess it's a different story. I have many bags in my collection that I've used once or twice but I just can't let go. Even my first Chanel bag 20 years ago I've held on till today despite using it only once or twice! Lol (ok sorry I'm a bad example and probably not helping). I only let go of bags I do not love or fell out of love with.