What to do about slightly wrinkly bags?

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  1. Is there a way to revive it? o.o
  2. I think I stopped caring about mine wrinkling (you should see some of my bags :lol:) but what I used to do was stuff it or fold it flat nicely and put it under something :biggrin:
  3. ^ kk thanks ^__^ imma try stuffing it lol. because i juts got 3 bags in the mail 2 of them are great, but one of the AS bags are slightly wrinkled. and that was the one i bought for my sister xD
  4. Put something on top of the bag and iron it.....I did it with mine and it worked well. Don't make the iron too hot though.
  5. ^ u mean like a cloth? i thought about that but i got really scared cuz the material reminds me of plastic T-T
  6. I would be a little nervous about using heat on the fabric. Seems like it would melt easily.:hrmm:
  7. the tag inside says "DO NOT IRON" lol
  8. my bv is wrinkly too haha i'm just trying to overlook it
  9. There's a tag inside?? :confused1:
  10. i don't see a tag either?
  11. You could try ironing it by putting a towel over it, so that the iron isn't directly touching the fabric but some of the heat still gets through. That's how I iron things that aren't meant to be ironed - the towel diffuses enough of the heat. But definitely test it on a small spot first if you try that.
  12. >.> yes. well i didnt look in my bambinones yet but the zucca has a tag... the front says "made in china" and the back says "do not iron" "do not bleach" and something else i forgot
  13. I think this is just a side effect of the fabric the toki's are made off- I do not really worry about it.:okay:
  14. My campeggio came all wrinkled on one side. I tried stuffing it for a week, but it didn't seem to help. :sweatdrop: I try to pretend it's not there, I don't think other people notice it.
  15. The only print that wrinkles is AS, right? :confused1: At least that's my only bag that's got wrinkles in it.