What to do about show through on white pants?


Nov 3, 2007
I recently bought a jcrew pencil skirt in white and it looks awesome on me and it looks really great with this pink striped top I bought also but when I tuck it in you can see the pink. How do I combat this?

This also happens when I wear a black top in my white pants. I love the look but not the show through. Any suggestions?


in the untamed rabbit hole
May 25, 2006
unfortunately, that's a by product of wearing white skirts or pants that are transparent or see through. my suggestions are to wear tops that do not need to be tucked in, or if they do, are a light nude color. or else, i'd suggest wearing one a wide belt that covers the area where they overlap.

elle tee

Dec 6, 2006
For the skirt, try tucking the top into a flesh colored slip, this will cover the pink so you don't see it. Wear the slip about an inch below the waistband of your skirt, usually the waistband is thicker so you won't see pink there. For the pants, maybe a pair of flesh colored spanx or something similar? Or, just avoid tops that need to be tucked in/are dark.

Thinking about it, you could maybe have a tailor put a half-lining in the pants (goes from waistband to midthigh) and line the skirt?


Apr 15, 2007
I wear a nude cami under the shirt and tuck in. Then I take the two shirts and roll them up by about 2 inches so that the bottom layer (nude cami) is visible and the other color is rolled into the cami.


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Nov 2, 2007
i use to think that wearing WHITE UNDERWEAR was the solution but NOOO when i started goin to the hospital with white pants it was my worst nightmare so i found out that NUDE PANTIES were the perfect option for these, i have several pants that are very see through like those linen ones for the "beach" that i like to wear on hot days so i wear a nude panty but like boy shorts they or even better that one seamless from VS !! and in nude color!! and youll feel free trust mee!!


Feb 13, 2008
Nude seamless under garmets. Let me clarify what I mean by Nude. I mean a color that blends in with your own skin. So if you are medium african american- then that may be a chocolate color. Ivory if your fair skin. Beige or tan if your olive skin. HTH