what to do about retalitory feedback

  1. i bought a pair of earrings and one of them was put on the wrong way. let me try and describe it:

    they were small little pieces form a coach key chain that were broken up to make the earrings. one of the pieces was put on the hook part of the earring in such a way that it was backwards and not facing correctly when worn.

    so i fixed it. i went to a place and they fixed it for me. i wasnt about to contact the seller and have to send it back (pay the shipping for it) and wait even longer to get them. i left neutral feedback because although i fixed the problem, i got them and they were in a unwearable condition.

    seller left me negative feedback. i explained in the comment WHY i left her neutral. i litterally paid the second i won the auction so why she left me bad feed back i have NO idea. :shrugs: she is doing it in retailiation. so i sent her an email telling her that i was taken a back by her actions and immaturity.

    in hindsight i should have told her about the situation but she is essentially mass producing these earrings so i didnt think it was too big of a deal to call her out on it.

    is there any way i could report her to eBay for retailating against me?
  2. You have no come back and TBH you should have e-mailed her
  3. what is TBH?
  4. To be honest
  5. thanks.
  6. You might be as well to contact your seller and see if she's willing to do a mutual feedback withdrawal
  7. what does the neg say?

    but yeah, if you were going to leave her anything but positive, you should have e-mailed her to let her know of the problem and see if she would help you out.

    try for a mutual feedback withdrawal.
  8. Yeah...i dont think eBay takes off negative feedbacks because of retaliation...

    just next time email the seller/buyer first and then leave feedback at the very end of the transaction.

    Good luck!
  9. Yep i am afraid I agree that you should have e-mailed her as you gave her a neutral without giving her a chance to rectify.

    I would send an apology and ask for mutual removel.
  10. you really should have emailed her.

    I sell a lot more than I buy and I am willing to fix any problems that may arise. I bet the seller was mad that you never even gave her a chance to fix it.

    I hate to say it, but if I was the seller I would have left you neg fb also.

  11. Yep, I agree.

    In fact, you should go read this thread (same situation):


    I firmly believe in GOOD communication with people. You really never gave her a chance to make ammends with you.

    Maybe she will be willing to work with you, if you email her again.
  12. I agree, I would be upset if someone left me a neg/neut without me even hearing anything about it first. This happened to me with a buyer who claims she never got my package and has recently put one up for sale :sad: