What to do about non-paying bidders? Deadbeats?

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  1. Ladies I could really use some advice from some eBay savy people.

    Right now I'm out 600 dollars of merchandise from deadbeat bidders :amazed:(the ones who bid, win and then don't pay and stop communication).

    What should I do?
    Leave negative? Report them as unpaid?

    What are your expierences with it? :worried:
    Has this happened to you as hangbag sellers?
  2. At EXACTLY 7 days you HAVE TO start non-paying bider proceedings. This often is a wake up call to Buyers and gets them to pay. You actually won't be out anything really if you follow the correct protocol, eBay will give you back your final value fees.
    How many e-mails have you sent to each person? You can also request their personal info from eBay and they'll give it to you, make a phone call if you need to to these people.
  3. After the required 7 day waiting period, report them to Ebay. I have found that 9 out of 10 people pay at that point because they receive a scary email from Ebay. I never leave negative feedback until this process has begun. Report ALL non-payers because it is essential that they get kicked off Ebay (they will become NARU'D after 3x).

    The exception is if the person has zero feedback. Then I may leave a negative sooner than later to warn other sellers.

    Stay the course and do not let up. It is the only way to receive your fees back.
  4. Thank you both so much!! I'm going to do what you guys suggested! This is a big relief to me.
  5. I thought the seller won't ship out the item until he/she gets paid.
  6. It's just fees for selling the item and also just not getting paid for the item, but waiting to relist it. So say an item that sold for 180.00 + 10.00 ebay fees. I'm out 190.00 if they don't pay.
  7. Any time I post something on E-Bay, I check off the boxes that say I only accept PayPal Verified bidders and bidders with certain amount of feedback. I also will only deal with US buyers simply because the international thing can get a little sticky. With PayPal, it is safer to trade with someone because you are protected.
  8. But not really, I mean, afterall, you still do have the item, right?:huh:
  9. You're not out 190... You're just out the fee if you can't get them waived by eBay + relisting fee.