What to do about my collection? (LONG STORY)

  1. After reading twiggers's thread I realized that I've sunk into the Bag Depression phase too, but for a different reason.

    I came to Buffalo, NY, from Malaysia back in December 2003 for school, and I just graduated last December. Because foreign graduates would still be on their student visas, they're allowed to apply for a one-year work authorization status, and hopefully whoever employs them would be willing to sponsor their work visas so that they can stay on in this country after the work authorization expires.

    I left my job 3 months ago, partly because my employer refused to sponsor my work visa, and now I'm in line for an administrative job at a hospital, because the hospital has agreed to sponsor my work visa if they hire me (incidentally, PFers sma11cat and noirprincess, who are both from the Malaysia too, work at this hospital and they're the ones who've been trying to help me get the job :tender:). But the hospital is taking a very long time going about this, and I haven't even been called in for an interview yet, even though they keep telling me, sma11cat and noirprincess that they will soon.

    My work authorization expires in 6 months (1/31/08), and if I still don't have a job by then, I can either go back to school or go home (yes, home as in Malaysia a.k.a. the other side of the world :wtf:). Although my parents have sort of agreed to let me go back to school in the Spring if I can't get a job yet, lately I've been thinking a lot about the possibility of having to go home too (probably because a lot of my friends have been going home lately as they can't get their work visas or jobs).

    So this is where one of my biggest problems lies: If I absolutely have to go home, how am I going to bring all my bags (and not to mention shoes :push:smile: home? As outrageous as this may seem, I actually do use every single one of my bags, big and small, and no matter how often or how seldom I use them, I love each and every one of them. At one point I considered selling EVERYTHING except my Limited Edition and discontinued pieces, but then I know I'll miss them like crazy once I'm home, and I don't want to buy them all over again back home because they're more expensive there. And even if I did that, it just wouldn't be the same as buying them the very first time anymore, you know?

    For those of you who've had to move abroad, how did you manage to move all your bags and shoes?

    Or am I just being silly, because I've been thinking so much of going home, even though I still have 6 months left and I can actually go back to school anyway? And yet, going home is a possibility I can't discount, because I can make all the grand plans now, but in the end things might change.

  2. Don't worry so much about shipping your shoes and bags home. You can pack it all up and ship it by air. Nowadays it is not so expensive. Don't sell it. Take it back home with you and let them represent good memories from your stay in the States.

    I wish you good luck and hope that everything works out for you.
  3. hmmm, i'm a student in Perth and comes from Malaysia as well. A lot of my uni mates would pack their stuff in boxes and fedex it back before they actually graduate bit by bit. It might be a little costly but it gets the job done. Hope you get your interview and work soon! And please don't sell off the collection, i've seen it and it looks like the bags are treasured. I would hate to see them go to others who won't love them as much. :flowers:
  4. i'd ship them in batches rather than sending all of them together at once. spread and mix the good ones (ie: LE, rare, discontinued) with the regular ones in each batch as well. keep your top 3-5 faves (or the most precious ones) with you on your luggage.
  5. You can absolutely FedEx them! It is quite expensive (I was at the UPS tent at school where students from Asia were shipping home clothing and stuff...and it was over $100 a box sometimes $200)...BUT they are irreplacable!!!

    *HUGS* Sandra.....things will work out sweetie!!!
  6. I know how you feel about the work visa thing. I am from Malaysia too and went through the same process like 11 years ago. I know the pressure of getting an employer to hire you, and provide you with a letter so that you apply for a work Visa.

    Don't worry too much, if you have to go home, just ship your bags and shoes home. You will regret it if you don't. If it does happen, try to maybe downsize a bit. Take it as an opportunity for you to get rid of some of your bags that you don't really use. You have to remember that Malaysian custom may charge you hefty duties on your items.

    Good luck.
  7. Don't sell your collection--it is fantastic! Wait and see what happens with your job and continue to look for other jobs as well. If you decide to go back home, then ship them in batches as some others have suggested. You paid a pretty penny for each item, and the cost of shipping will not be nearly as much as repurchasing would be. Good Luck!
  8. I agree with other pfers don't sell it, just pack it then ship it home. I know it's a lot of work and I hate moving but no place like home so I finally move back home after living o/s nearly 10 years. Take them back with you and you won't regret!!!! (if you choose to go back home))
    Good luck with whatever way you choose!!!
  9. Don't sell them!
    Esp if you use and love them all alot!
    I'm sure you can get them over there safe.
    But i agree that you should keep the rarest(most expensive ect) And your favourite ones with you in your luggage or something.
    I'm sure things will work out!
  10. yeuxhonnetes, I sure hope things work out and you can stay right here in NY! Reading your thread makes me wish that we had a subforum for job listings or one for prayer requests. I promise, I will remember you in my thoughts and prayers for that hospital job to come through. Please don't be overwrought with worry, personally it helps me to step back from my thoughts, cares and worries and to get my world in perspective and remember that someone bigger than all of us is looking out for us and knows what is best for us.
  11. I checked in extra luggage for things that I love most..and fed ex the rest and shoes over
  12. i think u should try to pack as many of the limited edition and more expensive bags/shoes into your luggage when u leave.. cos freighting them runs the risk of losing them.

    then ship all the cheaper items, bulkier items back. There are cheap freight services available, especially if u dont need to insure any of them.
  13. Don't forget to insure your packages for their full value.
  14. Don't send them. If you do decide to go back home, send them in small batches in the months before that you leave.
  15. Sandra, I sure hope you get to stay in NY-I think you would be a successful woman no matter where you go!! Think positively!! IF you had to sell any of your bags....definitely sell the ones you can buy anywhere, anytime. The limited editions are the ones you cannot replace or it might be hard to replace in the future. Best of luck!!!! :flowers: