What To Do About Miranda?

  1. Opinions please. I have Miranda in black that I purchased in July '07. However, I have not used her yet, she still has the tags attached. While I absolutely love her, I haven't been motivated to carry her because of her weight. Should I keep her because she is a classic bag, or should I return her?
  2. Well, in my opinion, thats alot of $$ to spend on a bag that you are not going to use. If you havent used it by now I would think you should return it for something you love (plus accessories for the money the Miranda costs!)
  3. As an owner of Miranda in bordeaux, I say keep her, simply because I am in love with this bag, weight and all. But, if you don't think you will ever use it, that is alot of money to just have sitting in your closet.
  4. If you are never going to use her why keep her. Get something you really want and will use and love.
  5. Return her for another classic bag that you will actually use. DEFINITELY
  6. Return it for something that you will use.

  7. ITA :yes:
  8. Owning a classic bag but never using it is a waste of your money and a beautiful bag. I own two Mirandas and I use them and love them. That makes them worth the purchase. If it's not the right bag for you don't feel bad. Just return it and get your true heart's desire!
  9. Regardless of whether the bag is a "classic" or not, if you're never going to use it, you're better off exchanging it for something you'll LOVE to USE. Especially for that much money spent. Good luck on your decision!
  10. Take a photo of her and return her, worse than spending lots on a wonderful bag is spending lots on a wonderful bag and not using it.

    Unless your using this bag as art and going to hang it up somewhere
    I see no need to keep it.
  11. I agree :yes:
  12. I LOVE my black Miranda, but if you don't simply LOVE it and don't feel like you'll carry, then by all means, return it and get something you love and will carry.
  13. I know it can be hard to feel as though you should keep it because it's a popular bag, but just because it's a classic doesn't mean it's a classic FOR YOU. Don't let all that money sit tied up in your closet. Find something you really love (where you take the tags off it right away and want to use it).