What to do about ex's birthday?

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Do I send birthday greetings to the ex-bf that i'm pissed with

  1. Send a short Happy Birthday email

  2. Ignore and do nothing (what i'm inclined to do)

  3. Your suggestion

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  1. Subject: The ex-bf's birthday

    So my 3.5yr serious relationship (that i was lead to believe was going to end in marriage) just ended. More details on that here:

    As you can imagine I'm not having warm fuzzy feelings about him right now. The ex-bf's birthday is literally around the corner and hours away.

    Initially, I thought about possibly sending a very short email just saying happy birthday but given that i'm angry and pissed with him, i'm not planning on sending him any birthday email or anything. I also do not want to have him think i'm using this as an excuse to converse or that i'm dying to get back together.

    Option 1: Send a short email that would just say "Just sending a short email to wish you Happy Birthday"
    Option 2: Do nothing
    Option 3: Any other suggestions

    Is it fine if i just ignore that it's his birthday like i'm planning to do?

    What is the generally accepted/ok thing to do in this situation?

  2. I like Option one... just because I'm a nice guy.
  3. Hell! I'd just ignore it! I certainly wouldn't wish him a happy one! maybe if you speak to /see him after the day you could be polite & tell him you hoped he had a nice day.
  4. I'd definitely ignore it.
  5. PLEASE do yourself a favor and ignore it. If it's over with him and you are not happy with him right now, just let it go and don't worry about his birthday. You're better off to just move on and not give him another thought! :yes:
  6. Ignore it.
  7. I'd do NOTHING! No Happy Bday, no gift, no email, "0"...
  8. I accidentally hit the wrong button :sad: I'd say just ignore his birthday, especially if the two of you aren't friendly toward eachother right now!
  9. Ignore
  10. Do nothing. He's your ex.
  11. I agree :yes:
  12. Ignore It.
  13. Option 2 - nada!!!
    Why even bother?he doesn't deserve your time.
  15. Don't set yourself up for more pain. Ignore it.