What to do about chipped faux pearls??

  1. I tried googling this and searching on the forum, but I must be the worst researcher ever because I can't find anything :shrugs:. Can Chanel pearls be repainted if the top layer chips? Can Chanel do it or do you have to bring them to a special jeweler? Thanks so much for any help. I just bought a timeless pearl necklace and want to know if I can wear them alot and just get them touched up now and then or if I need to save them for very special occasions. For those with Chanel's faux pearl jewelrey how is yours holding up?
  2. You should definitely bring it into Chanel and see what they can do. Today when I was there a lady came in with a chipped pearl on her pearl dangle earring and the SA told her to bring it in and they can replace it. Perhaps they can replace the pearl that's chipped? Something can definitely be done.
  3. oooh! No clue but I hope you enjoy them.. I want the timeless pearls bad!
  4. Thanks! I'll call today and see. I know you're supposed to re-string real pearls every two years, but I don't know about fake ones...if you need to do that with these as well, I could make a ritual out of touching up and restringing but I'd hate to see how much they charge for it if they do it! I thought they could be repainted but I can't find anyone locally who advertises doing that.
  5. Thanks!! I love them so much I want to wear them with everything! If they hold up well they are definitely worth the investment IMO...but I guess that's what I have yet to find out!
  6. Are Chanel faux pearls strung like real pearls? I thought they had metal links and if so, then there is no restringing necessary. The fiber/cord degrades over time. Pearls strung on fiber/cord should be knotted in between each one to prevent a total roll off should the cord break.
  7. ^ Some other necklaces may have metal but mine are knotted in between with string.
  8. They chip?? Mine have never chipped. Treat them well and I think you will be fine. (I'm not going to ever re-string mine either... I'm not spending anymore money than I already have.)
  9. The plastic or whatever they're made of doesn't chip as far as I know but pearlescent coating on each pearl can chip, revealing the color of the plastic underneath. Yeah...after paying that much for costume jewelry I definitely don't want to pay a penny more for upkeep!
  10. ^^ I don't think they are made of plastic. Aren't they glass, with a pearlescent coating?
  11. Yes, they are glass. I have a bracelet that does have some chipping. I was told that the pearls can be painted at any jewelers (I haven't tried to fix it, though). With the chip, it is very easy to see that the actual pearls are made out of glass.
  12. Wow, thanks good to know! I actually feel better that I didn't spend all that money on plastic beads! Is there a chance of them breaking if they were to fall for some reason? I'm really glad to know if they chip I can bring them to a local jeweler. I can imagine Chanel charging like $50 per bead or something ridiculous like that, plus a really long wait time!
  13. they are glass beads w/ pearlescent coating :yes: w/care it shouldn't chip, but I do pay attention not to layer it crazy like holly wood stars- don't have their income :biggrin:: My SA is super sweet, so she told to bring in whenever it chips, she will replace it for me.
  14. I've never heard of them actually breaking. But no, they are certainly not plastic. And, yes, I was told that I could have them repainted at a jeweler -- any jeweler. Apparently, Chanel is not the only designer to make costume pearls, in this manner. So jewelers do know about the repair of them.