What to do about cats using my yard as a public toilet?

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  1. OK, first let me say I really don't get why people buy a kitten/cat and then let it run wild outside. That said, a lot of people where I live seem to do just that. These cat(s) have decided that my yard is the perfect place to do their business. Problem is, my dogs have found that consuming said cat crap is mighty fun, tasty and yummy. Anyone have any humane ways I can convince these cats to go elsewhere? I try to go out and pick up the crap daily but at times I can't find it all.

  2. You wouldn't have to worry about it if I were your neighbor, my silly cats come inside to use the litterbox! Not that I let them "run wild"---they only get outdoor privileges occassionally, when I and/or my DH are also outside.

    I believe that pet supply stores sell all sorts of "Kitty No" products, but I'm not sure how effective they are. On the bright side, it won't hurt your dogs to eat the cat poop though it is quite disgusting to think about.
  3. I've had luck putting sliced oranges around my garage to keep strays out and to keep the boys from spraying all around. The orange oil is supposed to smell really bad to cats.
  4. They don't like the scent of lemon either, maybe it is all citrus since the orange was already mentioned. But when I bring out a rag that has lemon oil on it to rub down the woodwork so they don't scratch they seriously run to the opposite end of the room. I don't know what you could do to make that scent last though.

    Sorry you're having a problem with that. Even when mine went outside they always came back to use the litterbox! Maybe you have a bunch of strays?
  5. Catch them all and bring them to the shelter? Then when the owners have to pay to get them back, they'll reconsider?

    I kid, I kid, but this issues drives me nuts. We have so many neighbors who let their cats roam. It makes taking the dogs out to go potty a royal pain when a cat is sitting in their yard. I was not impressed when I saw a cat in our front yard digging and squatting. And it makes me downright angry when I have to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting one. I'd feel so guilty if I killed a cat because its owner thought it was doing it a favor by letting it roam. Grrrr... sorry for not giving you any advice, but I feel your pain!
  6. If you know who the cats belong to, say something to the owners.

    As for your dog eating the cat's poop, there is something they sell at the pet store and it deters dogs from doing this. I used to have cats and one of my dogs would actually go in the litter box to have a snack. They say put pepper on the feces to deter the dog.
  7. Thanks girls! Yes, there are a ton of strays around here for some reason. I find about 5 piles per day at least, and that is only in the back yard. I have heard that chile pepper works, but my yard is 1/2 acre, so I guess that is a lot of chile pepper!
  8. I remember seeing a citrus spray that keeps cats away from plants in a pet store. Maybe u can ask ur local pet store to see if they hv anything similar.
  9. We had the same problem. We used chili poweder and it seemed to work. Of course, ours was a little area, not a 1/2 acre.

    Good luck.
  10. how bout putting up a sign that says "meow, meeeeow meo, meewot meow" meeeeeeooooowwww!" (translation: please do not sh*t here.)

    or maybe put one of those plastic frogs in your garden that make noise when you walk by them only get one that sounds like a german shepherd barking?

    Yeah, I'm out of ideas.