What to do about an Ebay purchase??? - disappointed

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  1. I won this scarf off of Ebay. When I received it, I was pretty disappointed. :sad:First of all, this "New With Tags" scarf not only didn't have the price tag on it, but the black "Coach" tag had been cut off. Secondly, there were several snags in the silk fabric - one of them very noticeable on the "H" in "COACH" on the bottom front of the scarf. On top of all of that, the scarf was sent to me just all wadded up so it was terribly wrinkled - not that that's a big deal, but still....
    So....I emailed the seller and told her that I was very disappointed in the condition and felt that her auction had been misleading. She finally emailed me back and said she was sorry, didn't mean to mislead. Offered me a $5 refund or I could return the item. My question is this: is a mere $5 off an acceptable amount. I don't think so....I'd like at least $10. Actually, I am almost considering just sending the item back to her. :sad:
    What would YOU do???
  2. How much did you pay for the scarf?
  3. I would send it back to her on her dime.
  4. send it back and ask for a full refund.

    and the girls over in the ebay forum can probably help you out more, btw.
  5. I paid $33 for it - including $5 shipping, of which it only cost her $.39 to mail to me.
    I don't even mind spending the $.39 to send it back to her. Actually, I just thought that through again...I guess I do need to ask her for a refund for return postage because I would want to definitely pay for delivery confirmation. I don't want to send it and have her SAY she never received it.
    I think that's what I am leaning towards doing. I don't want to keep a damaged item.
  6. yes, this might get moved to the ebay forum.

    since the seller is being nice, I would just tell her you would like to return it for a full refund. that will be the easiest thing.
  7. I'm sorry this is in the wrong place...where IS the Ebay Forum, please?
  8. Sorry, I hope it works out for you.:flowers:
  9. don't worry about it, I was just warning you it might be moved over there

    I would just eat the $.41 plus pay for deliv confi which is another $.35 and send it back. she may get irritated if you ask her to pay for shipping. if it was more expensive I would, but for less than a dollar, just eat it.
  10. Go to the main TPF Indiex. It's in the second group of boards under Bags, bags, Bags
  11. I've had a few experiences where I've asked to return an item I didn't think met the description and whenever the seller was nice about it, I've always simply paid for the shipping myself. In the long run, it's not that much money and not worth getting into an argument about with the seller when you're getting a full refund of the purchase price. Good luck and let us know how you do.
  12. Thank you. I just emailed the seller to tell her that I will be returning the item & that I will pay for return shipping and delivery confirmation. I asked her to confirm that once she receives the item, that she will indeed give me a FULL refund (including the initial shipping cost of $5, of which it only cost her $.39 out of pocket). I just want to make sure she's going to give me a FULL refund and not just the ending price of the item itself. I told her that once I receive confirmation from her I will ship the item back to her.
    I'll keep y'all posted. Thanks for your help!!
  13. I prefer to return and get full refund coz the condition not as good as her describe :blah:
  14. the fact that you paid 5.00 to ship and it just cost her .39 to mail it would have irked me...hate it when sellers try to profit off shipping charges...i would return it
  15. just make sure that the $5 refund she was offering is not it... if you say yes to her in writing without clarifying she might use it against you...