What to do...a LV dilemna!!!

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  1. I need a little LV advice from you kind ladies and gents in the LV forum!!! I bought myself a Red LV Vernis Reade GM for my birthday. I have always loved the vernis, but found the shapes too structured, until I saw this one. I love the bag, but it is so....big on me, and have yet too carry it, except for the afternoon that I bought it.
    A few days ago...I saw a lady carrying the new Mono Lockit horizontal, and fell in :love: . I am not a HUGE fan of the monogram usually, but the bag is the perfect size and shape for me, and I could see myself using it all the time.
    Now for the dilemna:yucky: .....I really cannot afford to just go out and buy it without selling one of my other bags...and the only one I can somewhat imagine letting go is the Reade GM, BUT....they are really hard to come by, and I have NEVER seen another one like it, where as the Lockit, you can just stroll into the store and buy. So basically should I keep the more rare bag, even though I am not sure when I will use it...or sell it and buy the bag I know I will use...or just wait for a while until I can afford just buy the Lockit without a sacrifice:confused1: ????
  2. Here is a pic of the Reade GM....
    red LV 002.jpg
  3. I think you should get the Lockit and sell the Reade GM :yes: . Sure it's rare but you're unsure when you're going to use it so I think it'll be waste just leaving there sitting in the closet, KWIM? (Unless you're more of a collector than a user)

    If you think the Lockit is more versatile to your daily needs, then that's the bag you should get, good luck! :flowers:
  4. I absolutely LOVE THE RED READE GM!! Gorgeous, I would wear it everyday.
  5. I'll wait cos the Reade GM is GORGEOUS and RARE:sweatdrop:
  6. If you really like the Reade then I say keep it! But if you are having doubts, I say go for the lockit which would literally go with everything in your closet. While the red vernis is amazing, it won't be an everyday piece like mono. This way you could get a lot of usage from the LH until you have enough saved up for a reade!!:nuts:
  7. im usually a big fan of vernis. but i dont really like Gm as its too big. however, i dont really like lockit because of the vachetta base. so i think keeping the GM is prolly a better choice.
  8. whoa it is big! Personally, I would keep the more limited one (reade)...and save up for the Lockit since that piece will always be there.
    Worse comes to worse....you can always sell the reade later on ebay, etc. and probably not be out any money.
  9. I would die for that reade gm! KEEEEEEEP IT! The lockit will be around for a while (but I do agree that the horizontal is very cool).
  10. welll.. if you love both, I would keep the GM (since it's so hard to come by) and purchase the Lockit later... it will be around for awhile right? (I have no idea) But make sure that you really really love the GM and that it's a bag that you can't be without.
  11. :wtf: that's a huge bag. i think i can fit in there :lol:
  12. That GM is so rare, I would keep it until you are sure about letting it go.
  13. Keep the GM and get lockit later! You are the first person I know that has the GM model! I have yet to see anyone with it!!! KEEP IT KEEP IT KEEP IT!!!
  14. i find it very difficult to part with my bags unless it's really necessary. although i must say i saw you with the lockit and it is a great bag for you. i think you should keep your red lv (it's a beauty!) and save a couple more months for the lockit (hoping it will still be there later). oh gosh..what a dilemma!
  15. I think that you should get the Lockit. You would probably use it more and love it more.