what to cook for a friend?

  1. my good friend is coming over tomororw for dinner with her kids and I wana make something heart warming and comforting! .. any suggestions?
  2. Lasagna is always good! And surely the kids will like it. I'm not very much of a gourmet cook, so I'd make something easy and tasty like spaghetti and meatballs, or baked chicken and pasta. I don't know if that's how you wanna go, but since kids tend to be pickier with veggies and such, this might be a good idea and delicious too!
  3. I will make pasta with lots and lots of herbs and cut up chicken pieces mixed in .. and a bowl of salad .. plus I will make mini hot dogs in a blanket for the kiddies ...
  4. Yummy! Or baked ziti is always good too. I find that lots of people also love prime rib dinner with all the fixings! I love to make that for other people although I won't touch red meat myself.
  5. If you want the kids to love you forever and care for you in your old age, buy some ripe bananas, 3 or 4 different flavors of ice cream, several different kinds of syrup toppings, chopped up nuts, mini marshmallows, M & Ms and a big can of Redi Whip.

    Set all the stuff out in colorful throwaway plastic bowls, and tell the children that they must make their own desserts.
  6. I just had a bunco party at my house and I did this (for adults). It was a huge hit! It was alot of fun and tasty!
  7. You can also do a lower calorie, etc version with all the low carb low fat no sugar added etc ice cream available. We get the Breyers kind and I can't tell a difference between any of those reduced whatever ones and original recipe, nor can I tell a difference between the various reduced ones!

    It is a little more work because you have to make your own syrup with fruit and splenda and a blenda, and cut up different fruit, and for chocolate syrup what you have to do is get Luker brand and make it on the stove with 2% milk and splenda OR you can get Lindt 85% bar and the 2% milk. It has sugar but nowhere near what the others do.

    Marshmallows have very few calories, so have lots of those, and reduced Cool Whip!
  8. coool dessert ideas~!! i will try them tomorrow when my hubby comes home!! he will love doing that with the kids!
  9. Spaghetti and meatballs! If you want to do something a little more special for the adults, you can buy gourmet cheese to grate on the pasta and make a fancy salad. And kids LOVE making sundaes for dessert.

  10. Shimma, Smuckers now makes sugar free fudge topping and sugar free strawberry topping! Look for it in your grocery store :tup: They're amazingly good.
  11. Thanks Janos! I will look for their fudge one, because the Hershey one sucks, and so does having to do all that work to make my own!
  12. I'll make sure to avoid the Hershey's stuff. Needing to avoid sugar can be such a pain, but at least there are lots of sugar free options now.

    As far as what to cook, the mini hot dogs in blankets sounds great, especially if you have that colored ketchup!
  13. colored ketchup?? hmmm whats that?
  14. Why do you need to avoid sugar? if you don't mind me asking. Did you catch the Shugga Dye Bead Ease too?
  15. I've seen it come in purple and green...I think they still make it! The grocery stores in NYC don't always stock everything, but the larger ones everywhere else would have it. It's very cool!